Fused ‘Out of Hours’ 200702


No Boys (Empirion Remix) – Aesthetic Perfection
Dance Your Depression – Viscera Drip
Without You (feat. Frank M Spinath) – Mildreda
The Event Horizon – Zone Tripper
Cancer – Negant
Zersțrer (Pandora Remix) РOrange Sector
Dead Girls – Go Fight
Silent (Interface Remix) – Iris
Forever War (feat. Ted Phelps) – Flesh Field
Black Jesus (7 Inch Version) – Steril
Believe It (Mega-Oontz Mix) – Conformco
Proof of Life (AI_ML Remix) – Kill Minus Nine
Junkies – Ghost In The Barn
Cerenity (Original Mix) – Bleur & MB1
Temptress (Interface Remix) – Panic Lift
Stronger Alone – Leaether Strip
The Remaining Humans – Nuage Rose
A Constellation (Original Mix) – Tom Hades
The Model – Blue Ant
Torment – Third Realm
Stardust Overdose – Werdegast
Steel Manufacturer – DRVSH
Soul Operator – KARA
Terminatrix V.2.0. (Ready To Dance) – Terminatrix
Subject Amnesty (Touched By 2Bit) – Der Prosector
Lost (Dracos Remix) – FGFC820
Ctrl+Alt+Del (feat. Claus Larsen) (CID Project Remix) – Dimitri Berzerk
Chances – Virus Filter
Human (feat. Mari Kattman) – Antiscion
Pause (France) – Srvtr
Save That Zombie – Next Up Robots
The Robots – Infekted
Happiness Imperative – H.O.W.
Fading – Humans Can’t Reboot
Second Star – Interface
World On Fire (OG Mix feat. En Esch and Mea Fisher) – Blue Eyed Christ
Atlantis (Infacted Rough Mix) – Reaper
Sonne Der Nacht (Medium Version) – Schongeist
Aviator (Rewind Mix) – Inertia
Switch – Cosmic Love Agents
Another Girl – Frozen Plasma

Fireball – Don Spencer