Fused ‘Out of Hours’ 200717


Howl! – Guild of Cats
Und Ich Lauf (OOMPH! Remix) – Joachim Witt
Last Waltz in Weirdsville (feat. Nick Warren) – Tripswitch
Self Medicated – Skatenigs
I’ll Tell You What’s Happening – Nightports w/ Betamax
Back To The Roots of Love (feat. Matina Sous Peau ) – Nteibint
Running To The Sun – After The Rain
Black Wave – Lovedrug
Desperate Measure – This Is The Bridge
Alice (feat. SLS) – Cyber Monday
War of The Worlds – Era Nocturna
Truth (Cold Version) – The Lonely Death
Q23 – Vorher – Nachher (feat. Felix v. Montfort) – Globotom
Queen’s Anthem – Juno Francis
The Hall of Mirrors – El Ojo Y La Navaja
Spectrum – KMRU
Not Got Not Done – Jet Branes
Exit Collider – Queen Neon
To Make You Mine – Grapefruit Sound Lab
Survive – Fantom ’87
Snak3 – Starfrosch
Sunshine (Brokenears Remix) – Vidaloca & Piem
Crying Girl (feat. Coco / D-Formation Remix) – Coco & Dorian Craft
Soundscape (Chus & Ceballos Remix) – Denney
Nuit De Folie – Debut De Soiree
The Trip feat. Thomas Gandey (Jerome Sydenham Remix) – CJ Jeff & Thomas Gandey
2020 (Devn6 Remix) – 7Even Icon
Superflyin (Bassline) (Ramiro Lopez Remix) – Chus & Ceballos, Victor Calderone, DJ Chus & Pablo Ceballos
Fayola – Johnny Likes Music
Big In Japan 1992 A.D. (Freedom Mix / Ext Version) – Alphaville
Affection (Miane Remix) – Qubiko
El Amor (Junior Sanchez Remix) – Joeski & DJ Chus
We Play House (feat. Concha Buika / De La Swing Remix) – David Penn, DJ Chus, Soulground & Concha Buika
Crush – Scrape
The Model – Neztic
The Call of Angels – Missing in Stars
Recknor – Blut Reaktor
God Pusher – Die Warzau
III for the Past – TheWalkingIcon
No Desire – Rein[Forced]
Silent Dust – ISH
Imposters (Instrumental) – 6th Crowd

Fireball – Don Spencer