Fused ‘Out of Hours’ 200724


Heaven On The Dancefloor – Climate Zombies
Disconnect the Wires – AndrĂ© Obin
Fantasy – Jessie Frye
Gush – BDRMM
War (Bonus Track) – Control Room
Stockholm Synthdrome – Aux Animaux
Virus – Mace
Under Your Skin (ESaviors6mix) – Society Burning
Ohne Namen – Nap
See Ya – Star Noir
Day of Circles – Suzanne Letting
Carry On – Sensuous Enemy
Hot Air – Sandi Leeper
No Regrets (Original Mix) – Gezvolt
Macrocosm (Original Mix) – Renee Lincoln
Introspace (Original Mix) – Alex Fredrik
Pier 69 – Shauny Walker
Just A Second (Original Mix) – Edgar Espejo
Granuls (Vip Mix) – Emanuel Meyer
Flying (Original Mix) – DJ Moustik
I’m Going In feat. Roland Clark (David Herrero Remix) – Roland Clark & UnoMas (MIA)
Summer Tech – Ale Cattaneo
Torn (Vip Mix) – Daniel Palmeras
Back 2 Ny (PEZNT Remix) – Rob Mirage & DJ Chus
Kickwave (Chus & Ceballos Remix) – Collective Machine
In The Zone – DJOKO
Night Train (Dub Mix) – Visage
Reach Out – Resident 24
Hellraiser (feat. Alien:Nation) [Suicide Commando Cover] – T-Error Machinez
It Came Out and Saw the Burn – Stigmata With Screwdrivers feat. Gasoline Invertebrate
Stagnation – N8STROM2618
Budapest – Subrunner
Eyes of Darkness – Cryocon
Fireball – Don Spencer