Tx Fused 20.28


Masks – Deflexity
The Girl & The Ghost – Glass Apple Bonzai
What’s In The Night – Francesca Gastaldi
All I Ever Know (The Tempers Remix) – Clan of Xymox
Alice – Boxedge
Endemic (Rob Dust 2020 Remix) – We The North
Blood Moon (Capturelight Remix) – Essenger
Again – True Faith
Scanners – Benjamin Digby
Heaven In Pain (Definitive Mix) – Psyche
You Are – Auto-Pilot
Illuminate (Blutengel Remix) – Anna Lux, Alienare, Alphamay, Schwarzschild
Recall – Cosaquitos en Globo
Pretty Lies – Mimoza H
Frida Kahlo – Twist Helix
Time to Walk Away – Washed Out
The Light (Rostam Remix) – Metronomy
I Won’t Cry – Keep Shelly In Athens
Mon Corona (80’s Radio Edit) – Dave Kensington
In My Dreams (feat Daniela Rhodes / Club Mix) – Matt Black And Chris Sterio
Nachtgang – NNHMN
Everything I Wanted (Voices of Valley Edit) – Billie Eilish
The Book of Gates (Dave Inox Remix) – Sirus
Warm Inside – Trepanic
Let Me Out (Rob Preuss Night Mix) – Church of Trees
Redline – Neon Nox
Body Moves (Instrumental) – Fused
Silent Disco (Lord And Master Remix) – LorD And Master
Dangerous Drug (Club Edit) – Rombe4t
Sound of The Machine – Moya81
Painkiller – Voicecoil
Ice and Gin – XelaM
Scraps (Breakbeat) – Planetdamage
Playback Reality – Riotlegion
Gnostrogoth (Strings Ov Darkness) – Tonttu
Garking – Atropine
Iwato Deviation – Sinusoidal
Broken Stairs (feat. Leaether Strip / Leaether Strip Remix) – Recon
Megacity Zero – Virtual Terrorist
Invasion – Fixmer
System Anomaly – Meat Injection
Furry Sex Korps – P.a.X.
Unleash The Protector – The Bionic Protector
Fly Naked (feat. Leaether Strip) – DI*ove
Industrial Waste – Bestial Mouths
Frightful (Mechatronic Remix – Unitary
Absent-minded Logic – Tim Williams
Warm Leatherette – Queen of The Static Opera

Espana – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer