Tx Fused 20.30

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Published on: 23/07/2020


Imaginary Landscape – John Cage
Floating Away (NITE Remix) – Sea of Sin
Velvet Base – Ivory Child
Vestido (Sam de la Rosa Remix) – Mueran Humanos
Intentional – Planet Neil
Fear And Tears – The Stir Fry Pop Star
No One Lives Here Anymore (feat. Christopher Anton) – Transcendent 7
Damned Don’t Cry – Punx Soundcheck
Start Again (Durante Remix) – Kidnap
Singularity / Second Coming – Nordstaat
Recurrence (feat. I Am The Swordmaster) – The Ocean Beneath
Blue Book – Carlos Sicrock
Enya – Connor Vibes
Card House (Art Department’s Foolish Perspective dub) – Chris Liebing
Succus – Kasper Hate

5 Etudes De Bruits (3); Violette – Pierre Schaeffer
Bidule En Ut – Pierre Henry
Étude – Karlheinz Stockhausen
Incantation – Luening & Ussachevsky
Etüde Über Tongemische – Herbert Eimert
Rockets In Ursa Major (Part 3) – Daphne Oram
Pot Au Feu – Delia Derbyshire
Computer Suite From Little Boy, III. – Jean-Claude Risset
Computer Piece No. 1 – Vladimir Ussachevsky
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G Major, Ii-Adagio – Wendy Carlos
Silver Forest – Organisation
Ich Mache Einen Spiegel – Popol Vuh
Jetsex – Tonto’s Expanding Head Band
Super 16 – Neu!
Caramel – Cluster
Untitled – Boyd Rice

In This Moment – Polly Scattergood
Covid-19 – Clan of Xymox
Kids’ World (E.T. Hangard Remix) – Blitzkrieg Baby
Naga (Remix by Ideophobia) – Areal Kollen
Harsh Will Never Die (Device Noize Rmx) – SynthAttack
Futile Redux – Blut Reaktor
Sacred Oath – Achiever
The Body Is Not Real – JK Flesh
Disease (Croona’s Minimal Remix) – Digital Energy
Home (ESA Remix) – Dsidia
TrusT (Casus Belli Mix By TÖT) – KALT
Wanderer (Nyborg Mix By KALT) – TÖT
Chernoyarsk – Invisible Devastation
Bunkerbitch – Exferno
Hund – Das Klaus

Die Zeit – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer
Thank you – Leg Puppy

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