Tx Fused 20.36

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Published on: 03/09/2020


La Jetée – Machino
Crayon Cactus – Young Ejecta
I Don’t Wanna (After Dark Dance Mix) – One of The Crowd
Miss Negativit – Night Club
Cybertale – Bysmarque & Snowwhyte
Are You With Us – Cousn
Doppler – Retrograth
Run Or Real Life – New Neon
Seduce Me (Dance the Tube Mix) – The Brute
Forever (Gloria De Oliveira Remix) – The Wide Eye
Psychochem – Diem Redux
You’re The Only One – Alien Skin
Russian Doll – Ulver
Something More (Light) – Róisín Murphy
Travel In Time (feat. Pascal Finkenauer) – Renard
Mysterious Times (feat. Tina Cousins) – Sash!
Lights Out – Maelstrom & Louisahhh
Summe Aller Teile – Purwien & Kowa
Cascade – Andre Obin
A Bed In Each Window – Autoclav1.1
Toy Soldiers – Survibers
Clairvoyance – Riza Gobelez
Melt! – Kelly Lee Owens
Get Out (feat DJ Jose / San Sebastian Mix) – Rombe4t
Insane – Yello
Handbag Punk – Flux
I Want You (Zone Tripper Remix) – Technomancer
When You Go – Rotersand
Blood Sweat Tears (GRR Mix) – Agents of Rhythm
Night People (Rico Piller – Vainerz Hungary Mix) – Armageddon Dildos
Repeating History – Gimme Shelter
Mind Bombing – Nostalgia Deathstar
Revival (Eternity Mix) – Asphyxia
Skeleton Toy (Chzwaartzmetaal ElkoB) – Daniel B.
Vrtkl (Skn Mix) – Nova State Machine
Swire of Tintwistle – Microchip Junky
Broken – Gaywire
Sweet Child (Dancing in the Dark Remix) – BlueForge
It’s Up to You (Lifelong Corporation Remix) – Dani Tamayo
Eine Ode an euch – Zynik 14
Bunkerb!tch – Suicide Commando
Gods & Gold (feat. Jinxx) – Aesthetic Perfection
Restless Generation – Midnight Danger
Ich Will Dass Du Jetzt Gehst (Steril EvvilKing Mix) – AD:key

Zmagoslavje Volje – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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