Tx Fused 20.50


Memory Disappears (Mod Night Mix) – Freezepop
A Memory – Eurotix
Hunger For Love (Glenn Main Remix) – Spektralized
Jealousy (Crooked Man Rhumba) – Róisín Murphy
One Spark – Technophobia
Supercomputer – Zenith Volt
I’m Impressed – Fatigue
The Perfect Game – KAOS!
Charles De Gaulle – Diorama
Bottomless Low – More
Do You Hear Me Anymore! – Mind Machine
A Little Less of You – Pitch Yarn of Matter
Isolation – Mark Plunkett
Speak Soft – Ari Mason
Wake Up (feat. Henrik Iversen / Nórdika Remix) – Elektrostaub
Synth Master – Cyborgdrive
Dreams And Desire (80’s Disco Remix by Rob Dust) – Gunmaker
The Caller – Manipulant
I Dream of Fire – Total Chroma
Life – Human Electrical Resource
Primavera (Anna Prior Remix) – Páula, Povoa & Jerge
Calling Back – Agle
305 Skank – Mister Rodrigo
Kiss of Death – Funeral DJs
Why Should I Run (Boy Dada Remix) – E.No
Moonlight – Symphonix, Alegro
No Fear – Fused
Stick Up – Detroit In Effect
The Devil Made Me Do It (Pre-Emptive Strike 0.1 Remix) – Implant
The Beast Is In The Town – Ginger Snap5
Ttrriipp – Antoni Maiovvi
Hyperventilate – Dorcha Dorcha
Seek – Portion Control
Snapcoke – Faderhead
I Can’t Feel You – AD:key
Eine Welt des Grauens – Urban Matrix
Paranoid – Beta Virus
The Feeling of Hatred – Adeonesis
Conquest 3000 – Zwaremachine
Lost Mankind – Nilbog
Miss 4chan (Nuclear Sun Remix) – Birmingham Electric
Burn Forever – Pouppee Fabrikk
FALSE – Stellar Dynamics
World in Denial (Chamaeleon Mix) – Alien Vampires
Genom Natt Och Dag – Syntet
Center of Attention – Charlie Sparks
Timeless (Instrumental) – Aghast View
Panzers in the Snow – Exferno
Frog N Roll – Suriseva
Golgota – Centhron
Add It Up – Kreign

The Parade – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer