Tx Fused 20.51


I Walk Slow (Shoegaze Version) – Costume
Obscene (2020 ReMaster) – Perpacity
Airport Sunset – After The Season
White – Kat Koan
World My Voice (World Storm Mix) – Sapphira Vee
Control (feat. Lau) – Nina
Zero Gravity – Shelter
Flavours (Silicon Blender) – Damokles
Tracks – Page
Perpetual Motion – Retrograth
What Else Is There – Black Sun Dreamer
Point of No Return – Outpost of Progress
My Darkest Day – Industrial Zoo
Travellers – Datapop
Love Comes – Man Parrish – Steven Jones & Odowd
No Turning Back (Machine Made Pleasure Remix) – Flying Dark
I Am Not Waiting (Claptone Remix) – Austra
Last Moscow Mule – Pablo Bozzi
Aesthetics, Imagination, And the Sublime – DepthCruiser
Destiny 021 Is A Long Run – Dr Alphonsu
New York City Nights – Scandroid
Happy Where I Am – DKG
High Rise – The Ne-21
Unknown – Front Line Assembly
iour the Second Coming) – Lights of Euphoria
A Higher Place – Satin Jackets
October Trance Song – Tiga
Wake Up (DMT Berzerk Remix) – Elektrostaub
The Day You Said Goodbye (Ext Vocal Power Mix) – Chris Moon
Arrival – Alienare
Feel This Beat – Basscalate
Withdrawal – Trauma Phase
Invisible Cities – Blue Ant
If I Were The Devil – Urban Matrix
Inside Your Head – Dive
Velvet Blade – Ćyan ID
Derelict – T.G.T.B.
Counter Clockwise – Caboan
Boredome Remix – Pantser Fabriek
Masquerade (Orchestral Version) – Berlin
Rot (Centhron Remix) – Monsmeg
Atomkrieg (Eggvn Remix) – Hasswut
Like Swine – Imperative Reaction
All About Love – Sierra
On the Brink of Collapse – Ah Cama-Sotz
Tiefschwarz – BhamBhamHara

Across The Universe – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer