Tx Fused 21.01


Europe After the Rain – John Foxx
Fake Wonderland – Optic
We Should Be Dancing – The Frixion
Lost for Seven Years – Foretaste
Clouds (Synth The Wave In 80’s Heaven Remix) – BlueForge
Feeding on Me (Grendel Remix) – J:dead
Emotionally (Burial at the Bay Mix) – Janosch Moldau
Substitution (Gate Mix) – Beyond Border
Jupiter – Level 2.0
Mensch Maschine Mensch – Messer Brüder
Die Zeit (Chronos Remix by People Theatre) – District 13
Fire! Fire! Fire! – Geometric Vision
Enter Life (feat. Buzz Kull) – Future Faces
1222 West Madison – Rombe4t
Fahrenheit (Dominatrix Remix) – Umo Detic
Enter Heaven – Soman
Tonight – Robots With Rayguns
Holodnoe Solnce – Love Object
Bite The Hand That Feeds – SciFiSol
The End of The World (Come To Me, My Love) – Vampire Disco Club
Secure Space – Gegen Mann
Midnight Drive – Fused
Children of Nature (Mark & Micha’s Magic Mushroom Mix) – Alanas Chosnau
Ankh – Bean
To the Floor (Faderhead Remix) – Heartlay
Grey Fate (Black Light Smoke Rework) – Stacian
Deseo – Shinigami IND
World in Decline (Craig Saunders Remix) – Damage Control
Silence – Mind Matter
Metanoia – King Stephen
Guilty – AN_NA
We Are Wolves At Night – Gör Flsh
Mag Mich – Rivet
Till I Die – Sonic One
Maschinenangst – Notstandskomitee
Acid 2 Body (EBM Mix) – Black Agent
Ressistance – Black Sun Dreamer
Tanz im Licht – Bjørn M.
Human Crash (feat. Zanias) – IV Horsemen
Make Me Human (ESA – Reset Complete Remix) – Blue Ant
Ctrl+Alt+Del (feat. Claus Larsen / Rasec Remix) – Dimitri Berzerk
Azahar (feat. Cheima Zeroual) – Eduardo Saldías
Dawn Falls – Iron Court
Get What We Deserve (London Edit) – Raindancer
Final Retribution – Code : Red Core
Gia – Noise Resistance
Sehnsucht (Remix 2020) – Dark Insights

Peace Lovin’ Brother’s Rap – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer