Tx Fused 21.02


Baron Samedi – Fear Incorporated
A La Noche A La Lluvia – Agnus Dei
Thinking Machines – Bysmarque & Snowwhyte
Control The Delusion – Broken Nails
Are You Okay? (feat. John Fryer / Jean Marc Lederman Remix) – Chiasm
Isolation (feat. Chiasm / Ledermann Mix) – Interface
Reflection of A Cat – Prostitutes & Proxenetes
Transfiguration – The Pandemonium Bureau
No Time To Lose (SA42 Remix) – Psychosomatik
Echo Chamber – Tasisity
Agent (Dddance Mix) – Dental Drill Slips
Hunter – Calm T
A Dream… – Jack Hertz
Howler – Martin Gore
Embrace (Club Edit) – Ego Bliss
Narben – Gluusder
S E X (Moris Blak Remix) – Aesthetic Perfection
Loop Sin (Mark Reeder’s Sinful Remix) – Stolen
Run (3D Audio Binaural Headphones Version) – Eutropic
Alone (Nature of Wires Remix) – AfterDark
Twist In My Sobriety – Leaether Strip
Phoenix (Lebenskraft Remix) – Raindancer
Marble (Molchat Doma Remix) – Antipole
No Fear (Shameless Club Mix) – Fused
Takeoff – Artifact Corruption
Torrential Fall 1.0 – Dimitri Berzerk
Wirehead (Royb0t Remix) – Slighter
Grey (Light Grey) – Rotersand And Evendorff
Into The Interim (Fused Remix) – Montage Collective
Tribal Blood – Siamgda
Oh Doctor Love (Deep Mix) – Matrix Div
Get Mean – Gasoline Invertebrate
Zero Gravity (feat. Tangerine Dream) – Jean-Michel Jarre
Isolation (Nature of Wires Remix) – Blaklight
Los de Abajo – SFX DJ
Bitter Laugh – Satura
Giallo (O+Crime Version) – Dead Astropilots
Misery Loves Fantasy – Tenderlash
Master Key – The Fair Attempts
Psynoise – Yacc
Lost – Cybernexi
Melt With You – Hand In Waves
The Witness – Victor Sierra
Just Another Animal (Imaxx) – Midnight 76
Ripping At The Fabric (Alternative Mix) – Zwaremachine
Unsagbar (Downwell Remix) – Henyox
Ruh Roh – Millhouse
I Need Two More Bodies – Downwell

Ende – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer