Tx Fused 21.03


Abraxas – La Punta Bianca
Relentless & Reinless – Condition One
Intertwined – Imperative Reaction
Tuyo – Rodrigo Amarante
Soul To Your Heart – Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell
Die Schreckensinsel – Sturm Cafe
Pink & Blue (Diamond Field) – Bob Haro
Automation – Tiny Magnetic Pets
Never Look Back (Hollywood Remix) – X-Perience
Hourglass (feat. Compilerbau) – SkelOne
One Vision – mOOger!
Make It Shiny (Klammer Remix) – Scenius
Thunder & Lightning – Dee D. Jackson
Wishing for Life – Omnimar
A Hero For His Son – TourDeForce
The White Tone of Lamps (Halogen) – 808 Pop Dot
New Format (The Gothsicles Remix) – Inertia
Eternal Outcast – Dagon
Only You (Girls of The Internet Remix) – UNKLE
Tech Education – Mike Epsse
Keep On Believin (And Dont Give Up) (Restored Demo) – Jimmy Somerville
Refuge (Mind Against Dub Mix) – Moby
So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (ANNA Remix) – Grimes
Definition of Love (Teenage Mutants Remix) – Blaktone
Jesus And The Devil – Herzog & Aurich
When I Let You Down (Eddy Kreischer Remix) – Fred Ventura
Poala – Affkt
Tears+Lies – Cypherpunx, Luke Brancaccio
So Hot (MK x Nightlapse Remix) – Anabel Englund
Pixel Inspection – Ivan Iusco
New Legion (Leæther Strip Remix) – Ego Likeness
Two Worlds After – Kurs
Poison Mouth – Luis Vasquez
Legion – Blue Stahli
Hatevol (Black Asteroid Mix) – Front Line Assembly
Violent Eyes – Fractions
The Builders – Sabled Sun
Tel Je Dagen (Tel Nul) – Muscle Juice
Cook – Drumcomplex
Legacy System Collapse – Sylac
Sigil – New Town Ground
Septic Kiss – QUAL
Lower Control – Mortaja
Poison – The Marquis
Ephemeral Human (Oldschool Mix by Zynik 14) – WÜLF7
Screaming Into The Void – Sigsaly

Sredi Bojev – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer