Tx Fused 21.07


The Praying Mantis – Sonic Area
Valse pour un Con – Reymour
Order (Physical Wash Remix) – PC World
Starry Sky – Eutropic
The Mirror (Fused Remix) – Into the Blood
War Boys (Razorback Hollow remix) – Glass Apple Bonzai
We Had Magic (Maethelvin Remix) – Lau
The Mirror – blackcarburning
Pusher (feat. Priest) – Airghoul
Say You’re Sorry (Frozen Plasma Remix) – Station Echo
Future Crimes – Matt Boroff
Summer In Berlin – Schiller, Alphaville
Broken (John Grand Midnight Remix) – The New Division
Reanimated – Dug Masters
Disassembly – Orgreave
Heads Up! (The Beat-Pimp Remix) – e.no
Girl in the Song – Amanda Easton
Adictos – Nórdika
Loose Ends – Piston Damp
Nonchalance – Gamma Intel
Space Motion – Jares
Succus – Kasper Hate
The Truth (Vessels Remix) – I Like Trains
Sandstorm – Nanc
Flying Data – Edgar De Ramon
The Well MX – Mikael Fyrek
Until I Paralyze (Seadrake Different Mix) – Avoid-A-Void
Hideaway (Fanatic Funk Remix) – Kiesza
Magic Hops – Lucas Rama
City Nights – DJ Spandex
Heart (feat. Helga Dyrfinna / Dance Remix) – DiarBlack
Decisions (The Saint Paul Remix) – Digital Energy
Syntax Error – Omicron
The Workout (Favorit89 Remix) – Nightrun87
Doberman (Hartbrand Remix) – Great White Shark
Köln (Skull Shocker Remix by Marco Drago) – Liebknecht
Shapeshifter – In Absentia
Pure Sedation – Seven Trees
Trying Too Hard (Dunkelsucht Remix) – Solar Fake
Music Is My Everything – Omnimar
Confess – Scheuber
Reason (Caffeine Mit Cocaine Remix) – ElektroTerapi
Tag/Nacht (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) – OK.I.Hate.You
Maelstrom (Remix) – Black Nail Cabaret

First TV Generation – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer