Tx Fused 21.08


La Vida a Dos – Frankie & RikiAbi
Turn To Dust (feat. Boy George) – Rusty Egan Presents
Tempête – Mansfield.TYA
All That I Have Left of You is Missing – The Brides of the Black Room
Slow Suicide (feat. Fifi Rong) – Ink Project
Need (Ghost In The Barn Mix) – Solemn Shapes
Hermano – Uncle Kid
Get Low – Glüme
Outsider – Planet Neil
Time to Think (dEk101 Remix) – LorD and Master
Calis Minds – The Distant Minds
Right As Rain (Mesh Remix) – Loewenhertz
Nyntyyn Thyrtyyn – Toze One
Through Someone Else’s Eyes (feat Madil Hardis) – Nature of Wires
Dance of the Red Dust – Stockmans / Fiesel
Cowgirl (Remix id2 A1804) – Underworld
Wish We Were Lovers – Nutronixx
The Blitz Kids – Montage Collective
Paradise Lost (feat. Act Cool / 28mm Remix) – Bryonii
Somewhere In Time (Lawrence Casal Remix) – VH x RR
Peace of Mind (Champagne Remix) – The Quilz
Deepmind – Rui Manu
Quarantine – Rodrics
Strangler – Precision Field
Doctor Seraphim (feat Chris Connelly) – Kooper Kain
Los – Elektrokraft
Wolfpack – Mingle & Plaster
Suicidal Birds (Mario Rühlicke Trensity Remix) – Helalyn Flowers
Itampa – Teatre
City In Flames (feat. Ellia Bisker / 11grams Club Radio Remix) – Psy’Aviah
No Light In Sight – M73
Netrunner (feat. Donbor) – Lazerpunk
Searching My Soul – ee:man
Tear Down My Prison (Formalin Clubmix) – Formalin
Hatrið Mun Sigr (VindimØde Remix) – Hatari
Fat Loan (feat. Whipcrack) – Aaron Udy
Europa Dystopia – Nostalgia Deathstar
Feral Me (Codex Empire Remix) – Trepaneringsritualen
My Own Kingdom – Electronic Frequency
New Leader (Ah Cama-Sotz Remix) – Blac Kolor
Hon vill ha mig rå – Riskkapital
Lass mich allein – Endzustand
Totalitarismus (feat. Pagan Struck) – Body Pleasure

Take Me To Heaven – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer