Tx Fused 21.09


Drowning Song – Broken English Club
It’s OK Not To Be OK – The Rude Awakening
You’ll Be Fine – D.D.Danahy
Wait for Me – Adam Daniels
Forgotten – Marva Von Theo
Hot Asian – We Are Ooh People
Mein Kopf – Plasmaschwarz
Unintelligible – Lifelong Corporation
Devils & Angels – Tin Gun
Soil In My Mouth (I Stayed Numb Mix) – Sorrow Stories
Goodbyes Without Goodbye (Mašina Remix) – Loveblind
Breeze of Innocence (RedLine Remix) – Elezoria
Forever Young – Blutengel
Rainbows – The EVT Band and Keldari Station
No Need To Breathe – Kroll
You Brought Feelings (BlakLight Remix) – Obsession of Time
Out – Second Glance
Jack Slater – Lunatic
Charlie Bravo Safehouse (Ost Berlin) – Alien Skin
Walk My Mind (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) – Echo Image
The Bairn – Double Echo
Sharing Is Caring – Body Pleasure
Anansi – Black Elektronika
Poison Tree – 5TimesZero
Happy Rave – Rodrics
End Titles – VIindimode
Konstanz – Short and Crunch
Colossus – Liebknecht
Planetechnium – Herbrido
Confertable – Ryan Allen Fluker
Love Is A Dangerous Game – Psyche
Axolotl Super Powers (feat. MC Lars) – The Gothsicles
I Pray (feat. Assemblage 23 / Elektrostaub Remix) – Avarice in Audio
Rush – Leroy Se Meurt
Hate and Psyche – Synapsyche
Komakind (Klubkind Mix) – Agonoize
Mad Denial – Aesthetische
One More Time – Pro Patria
Dominate (Empirion Remix) – Spankthenun
Billion Dollar – Cabaret Voltaire
Don’t Forget Your Smartphone – Qual
Renato – ZUG / Zona Utopica Garantita
Äußerste Präzision – Urban Matrix
The Worst Year I Ever Lived In – C/A/T
Trabant Punk – ZUG / Zona Utopica Garantita
(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang – Heaven 17

Abuse And Confession – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer