Tx Fused 21.10


A Black Hymn – mulpHia
Berlin – Croc Shop
Sequence – The New Division
City as a Memory – Sebastian and the Dream
Legacy of K – More
It’s Not Over Yet – Space March
Poison Fruits – enter \ me
Differnent World (Back to Bed) – Analogue Electronic Whatever
Noise – Chiasm
Robot Musyk – Toze One
Dear Prudence – Telex
Different Roads – The Psychedelic Squirrel
We Are The First (feat. Electric City Cowboys) (Analogue-X Remix) – Projekt Ich
Disconnected From the Blush (Belasco House Mix) – Glass Apple Bonzai
Oasis – Sara Dziri
Self-Control (feat. Sunesis) – Masked
Savanna – Siddhartha Says
Choli – Mr. Kavalicious
The Truth (Sher M@n Remix) – Sexgadget
Extraterrestrial – Myst Oddisey
We Have Work To Do Here – DJSHADOWKAT
Nowhere Home (LorD and Master Remix) – Montage Collective
Summon – Quincy & The Machine
Come Closer – DJ Hell
Electrica – Diem Redux
All This Sound – LorD and Master
Your Way (Robi Insinna Version) – The Lunacy of Flowers
Godspeed – GOLEM
Attempts – BlackSunDreamer
Nevermore – Cease2Xist
Mindbender – Croona
Updown – Soman
New Dark Nation – System Noire
Automaton (feat. Sebastian Svalland) – Aesthetic Perfection
Violence – Kanga
God’s Fury – Wolfchild
Control – Street Cleaner
Taking Back Control – For All The Emptiness
Deter (Lazerpunk remix) – Contrefa├žon
Young, Brash & Careless – Casual Treatment
Abomination – Nikto
Falsity Became Our Sport – Linbo
Triage – The Saint Paul
Dark Hearts (feat. ElektroTerapi & Norderney / Miseria Ultima Remix) – T-Error Machinez

Two of Us – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer