Tx Fused 21.11


Older – Marva Von Theo
Relax – Megan Mcduffee
I Am Screaming – Gary Numan
Undead (Sawtooth Spirolation Mix) – LUIN
Die Asleep – Arctic Domain
Hymn – Blutengel
We Are Dreamers (feat. Claudia Uhle) – Elektrostaub
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (Manhattan Clique Extended Remix) – Erasure
Wellspring – Some Ember
On War (ARNOON Once Again Mix) – Solar Powered Vampyre
Feeling Heavy These Days (Aesthetische Remix) – Entrzelle
Voyage Now (feat. Sebastian And The Dream / Produced By People Theatre) – Arsine TibĂ©
X-Ray – Shiny Darkness
Tears of a Fool – Pulse Lab
Disappear – Xico Peligroso
Last Procedure – BlueForge
When I Wander By Moonlight – Day Before Us
Knives (Imperative Reaction Remix) – System Syn
Isolation Rave – Modulo One
Take You Away – DJ Spandex
Acid Galaxies – Valentina Moretti
River of Lies – Cicero
Ultraviolet (Suntanned) – 808 DOT POP
Gimme Fire (feat Ella Loponte) – Sexgadget & Ever-L
Spectre (Resomat Remix) – Probe
F (808 Dot Mix) – Cubic
Walking on My Own – Antilav
You Are In Control – All Systems Out
Beneath the End (feat. Discotronike) – Code : Red Core
West (Short-Range) – Portion Control
Trash Religion – Nghtly
Judge – Gewalt
One For You, One For Me – nolongerhuman
Covid-19 – Suriseva
New Era (feat. FM-Jax) – Heiniche
Assimilate – Endless Nothing
Idolatry (Crash Mix by mulpHia) – Last Influence of Brain
Der Dichter und die Frau (Electro Cafe Mix) – Rector Scanner
Maniacs (All The Ashes Remix) – MissSuicide
Nightmares – NamNamBulu
You Need Help – AkA
Revelation – Plastik Plasmatik
Cities Are Dead – Doric
Through Someone Else’s Eyes (feat Madil Hardis / Leaether Strip Remix) – Nature of Wires
Don’t Escape From Death – Ces Cadaveres
Herzschlag (Ruined Conflict Remix) – Aircrash Bureau

Das Spiel Ist Aus – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer