Tx Fused 21.12


Portadora de Tormentas (Shinigami Ind Remix) – Distoxia
Earth Takes A Break – Absolute Body Control
Give Me Light (Synth Version) – Camlann
New Toys – Shelter Calm
Powerful Love (robpreuss Hypnotize Mix) – Church of Trees
Fragments of Life – Glenn Love
Ripster – Pumpan
Innocence – Disrupted Being
Your Transience is Mine – Claustraphobia
Polyspace – Disharmony
The Endless Sky (The Californebu Mix) – Electro Spectre
Unknown Love (NITE Remix) – BlakLight
Rainy Days (E39 Puddle Jumper Mix) – LorD and Master
Primavera (Myd Remix) – Páula, Povoa & Jerge
She – Nailed Alden
Crying My Eyes Out (feat. Nick Bramlett / Matt Pop Ext Dance Mix) – Candy Apple Blue
Catwalk (Around The World) – Rusty Egan Presents
Prime Directive – Tekbot
Rising Sun – Sun
Anima Illumini – Marie Möör Et Les Autres Couleurs
Smut Ud Af Mit Liv (feat. Camilla Chanel / Club Mix) – Caboan
Alles Idioten – Tommi Stumpff
Photographic – Leaether Strip
Beautiful Destruction (feat. Fabsi / UK Hardcore Version) – Simon Carter
Imperium (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Soulimage
In the Fight – Nexus VI
Katyusha – Shturm
Texel – Dirk Wiertz
We Are Nothing – BR1002
Yells at the Obelisk – Mellow Code
[Love] – London Sadness
The Rise of Endymion – Cellhavoc
Generation One – Electronic Frequency
To The Beat of Their Desire – Desire Beat
Golgota – Gozer
Broken Empires – Hocico
Artificial Intelligence (Ext Club Mix) – Maschine Brennt
Hard Feelings – Albert Severin
Superstars – Ruined Conflict
I Am Something (Viscera Drip Remix) – Frontal Boundary
Toxic Kingdom – In Absentia
Chaos Shield – GLYF
Superbia – Paradox Obscur
Simplicity – LMX
Schon Alles – Tyske Ludder

Contrapunctus 11, a 4 – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer