Tx Fused 21.13


Ashes – Voyna
Do Different Dances – Spoon Fazer
It’s OK Not To Be OK (Lord And Master Remix) – The Rude Awakening
Heir of Eternity (In.Visible Rework) – Alphamay
When The Night Falls In – Steven Jones & Logan Sky
Runaway – Piston Damp
Computermusik – Atomtm
How Do We End Up Here (Mark Reeder’s Crying Remix) – Birmingham Electric
Let Me Go (feat. Shannon Maree) – ReveLever
Phoenix Aliena – Kirlian Camera
Inside Outside – Classix Nouveaux
The Cure (feat. Lulannie) – Fragrance.
Once Upon a Time I Was Handsome – The Mobile Homes
And I Know (Nature of Wires Remix) – Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell
Dédales – Hammershøi
Mirroring – Darwinmcd/Mark Bebb
If You Want Me to Stay (Dim Zach Mix) – Ronny
Love Bites (Fright Night Mix) – Grace Jones
Love Song – Simple Minds
This Is Mine – Heaven 17
Nadistuti Sukta – This Morn’ Omina
Orbital Assault – Millennium Falck
Undead on the Dancefloor (Female) – Mechanical Moth
E4 – Subsea
Enter The Dream (Italoconnection Remix) – Lucca Leeloo
Waiting – Error: User Not Found
Paris La Goutte Dor – Nhoah
Funkahdafi – Daniel B. – Elko B.
Hellmouth – Stars Crusaders
The Girls Go Wild – Ginger Snap5
The Kiss of Death – Leæther Strip
This Hate (2021 Mix) – EvilMoon Project
Virus (Harter Lockdown-Mix) – Anarchonauten
Kleid Aus Schnee (C-Lekktor Remix) – Das Werk
Manipulator (MjN Remix) – Xenobeat
The Price We Pay For Happiness – Xotox
Die Offenbarung – Heimataerde
The King and the Rebel (AD: Key Remix) – Implant
Supernova – Funker Vogt
Impulskontrolle (Antibody Remix) – Chainreactor

Ein Verkundiger – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer