Tx Fused 21.14


Things Happen – Coil
Criminal Times – LorD and Master
High Horse – Gusten
European Lovers – Steven Jones & Logan Sky
Never Coming Down – Summore
Kalt (Merry Chicklit Remix) – The Snatcher
Misty – Silicodisco, Alvaro Cabana
Noyalain (Burn) – Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell
In The Key of Giallo – Error: User Not Found
Pesnya Bez Slov – Mala Herba
Destroyed By Madness – Leæther Strip vs. Nature of Wires
Persona – Reichsfeind
Take Me Back – Mission To The Sun
Nemesis (feat. Lisa Anesi / Rroyce Remix) – Beat Noir Deluxe
Nothing Was Wrong – Veil of Light
Lockdown – Dickensian
Runaway (Mesh Remix) – Piston Damp
The Fire Within – Ohne Nomen
The Eye (The Picture Fades) – Mark E Moon
Burn (Black Nail Cabaret Remix) – Danny Blu
Tainted Love (Club Crasher Remix) – Soft Cell
Deiche – Black Light Odyssey
Chevrolée (feat. Nicole Jaey) – Leitstrahl
Generation Damage – Deadlife
Patisia City – Blakk Harbor
Hoffnungslicht (feat. Marco Korda) – Endzustand
Dust (Liebknecht Remix) – Black Asteroid
Make Me Famous – Man Parrish – Steven Jones
Bullfighter (Destillat Remix) – Psychosomatik
Astronavegando – Les Yeux Orange
Science/Visions – CHVRCHES
Metaphysical – Discotheque
Edhral – Aloysius Acker
Nazi Tabernakel – :Wumpscut:
Troubled Little Soul – Arcane Objective
Glass Eater – Acid Vatican
23 Days – Vomito Negro
Here In The Void – Notausgang
Misanthropic Affection (LA-X Remix) – Alien:Nation
Classic Chevrolet – Institute For The Criminally Insane
#11 (Salem Unsigned remix) – Hord
Le Martinet (Filmmaker Remix) – Mimmo & Hirschmann
Space and Time – Ethseq
Lvcifer Ex Machina – Eggvn
Alles Was Ich Will – AD:Key

Mama Leone – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer