Tx Fused 21.26


All Human Beings – Max Richter
My Last Breath – Distortion Six
L’invitation – AkA + Cat
Synasthesia – Fractal
Glass (feat Sarah B / Asota Music Remix) – Nature of Wires
Lovers In A Dangerous Time – Soft Riot
Time Will Tell – The Sere
Music Is Dead – Pulse Lab
Ultra-Nightmare – Man Without Country
Every Storm Runs Dry of Rain – Rocket Report
Beautiful Crisis – Full Frontal Disco
Little Joys – Mechanical Cabaret
Cold Touch – SYZYGYX
Rolling on – Marvin Aloys & Special Vibe
The One (feat Daniela Rhodes ) – ACAY
You Make Me Feel (Soulwax For Despacio Remix) – Sylvester
Holding On Too Long (Maurice Fulton Remix) – Hard Feelings
Orion – Cinnamon Chasers
Jadore – Luca Draccar
Memories (Nercessian Remix) – Beatrice McBride
Eiszeit – Linus Pryne & Charly Beck
Temple Dance – The Rorschach Garden
Superficial (de[takt]ed Remix) – The Saint Paul
Hey You Pretty One – Terminal Danger
Drive – Moroderhead
Second of Solitude (People Theatre S Tic Toc Mix V2) – Cold Connection
Green Light (feat Neil Francis / SoftWave Remix) – LorD and Master
Virus Detected – Terrorx
Lashes – ComradeNathan
He’s The Tyrant – Die System
Death’s Kiss – I Ya Toyah
Terminal Love (Sniffergod Remix) – Zeromancer
The Great Reset (Assemblage 23 Remix) – Clan of Xymox
Go (Bissspuren Remix) – Capital X
We Gonna Do It – Dark Vektor
Eurovision – LeƦther Strip
Rat Race – Outpost 11
GT.79.3-C-4 – Hooverlordz
FDC (ReadARing Remix) – Symptom Eskalation
The Maniac (Himmelmann Irrenhouse Mix) – Celeste Noir
Zostaw Moje Sny – Elektroterapi
God And The Devil – Stahlnebel & Black Selket
Run – The-Pulsar
Essex – Liebknecht
Flatmate (feat. Isobelxxx) – Flux

Tanz Mit Laibach (Johannes Heil ‘Crucified’) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer