Tx Fused 21.29


Tumbleweed – Denial Waits
Emergency (feat. Preraphaelite / Steffrey Yan Remix) – FragileChild
Illuson & Deception – Forces of Light
Send Me An Angel – Moroderhead
Infinite Sadness – Xeno & Oaklander
It Is Just Natural – Thymian
Life on Mars – Seeming
How Long? – Clan of Xymox
Tainted Love (Dave Ball 2021 Mix) – Soft Cell
Inferential Nut – Infintium
The Animal Song (Hex Hector’s Club Mix) – Savage Garden
I Want You (Bastone Club Mix) – Savage Garden
To The Moon And Back (Almighty Fired Up Mix) – Savage Garden
I Knew I Loved You (Eddie Arroyo Club Mix) – Savage Garden
The Desperate Hours (Justin Strauss Remix) – Marc Almond
Shapeshifter – Synesthete
La Table Basse – Le Gouffre
Hey Now (Hifi Sean Remix) – Erasure
Finally Fading – Hugo Nicolson
Diopter (Billka Edit) – Rosa Anschütz
It’s A Sin (Ian Levine Remix) – Pet Shop Boys
It’s a Sin (House Mix) – Miquel Brown
It’s A Sin – West End Girls
It’s A Sin (Almighty Boys Club Mix) – Obsession
It’s a Sin – Kevorkian Death Cycle
It’s a Sin – Junksista
Eternity – Nico Wieditz
Contradiction – In Good Faith
Cinema (French Version) – Fabrice Lig & Wolfgang Flür
Firestarter (Deliriant Remix) – The Prodigy
She’s Not a Saint – Blutengel
Machine Hate – Malice Machine
The Ugly Truth (Je$us Loves Amerika Remix) – Mortiis
Buy Me Now – unitcode:machine
Attendance (Nuclear Sun Remix) – Rabbit Junk
Robotic Disintegrator – Preemptive Strike 0.1
Erlöse Mich – Blutengel
The Only Angel (Caged Remix) – Cult of Alia
Deceiver – Straight Razor

Germania Sympathy For The Devil (Who Killed The Kennedys – Inst.) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer