Tx Fused 21.31


Narcissist – French Police
La Grange (Holly-J Remix) – ZZ Top
Battlements (feat. Neon) – Brutalist Architecture in the Sun
The Man In The Balloon – Jeff Appleton
One Night in Sopot – Vacos Malcolm
Drown In My Eyes – Driada
Betrayal (Portvain Remix) – Severed Skies
Salomé (Suffer Me) – Echoberyl
Fake it to Make it (ft Sarah B / Asota Music Smooth Remix) – Asota Music vs Nature of Wires
We Change (And Never Be the Same) (Ant People Remix) – Geminis 2
Shadows – Last Activity
Male Stripper (feat. Madil Hardis) – Alex Braun
Limerence – Visceral State
Living In Oblivion – Mind Machine
Diva – EmT
Lucifers Friend (feat. Christopher Anton / Numbers Mix) – Vision
Tomorrow’s Heroine – NNHMN
You and Me (Beyond Love Retroedit) – Alienare
My Desires (Remix) – Noisecide
Tower of Love (BSB’s Stella Polaris Remix) – Erasure
Shutters (NSW Clink Anthem Remix) – Hannah Holland
Being a Playa Ain’t Easy, Dog (Emmet Remix) – Spray
El Altar de las Plagas II – Corax Umbra
Machiavellian Parasite – Heartlay
Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness of Crowds – Information Society
Absoluuttinen Korruptio (feat. TFG of TONTTU) – Machine Animal vs Simplefixty
The Lockdown – Notausgang
Endless – Quell
Avoid Everyone – Dark
We Believe – Leaether Strip
Damage Done (Diverje Furthering The Wreckage Remix) – Psychosomatik
Triolith (Simon Carter Remix) Mastered – Matt Hart
Ecarte Toi (feat Bomber) – Stupre
Neo Wick Mode (feat. Extra Terra) – Lazerpunk
Never More Than Faintly_pn – Teatre
The Earth Opened Its Mouth – Urban Matrix
Ultimo Aliento (Christ Under Droids) – Gozer
Technocracy (Remix by Angels on Acid) – Psyborg Corp
Like Death – Yetzer Hara
Retch Trigger – Atropine
Night Train (ManMindMachine Remix) – In Absentia
Devour – Cellhavoc
The Hidden Similar God – Corax Umbra
Wire – Super Dragon Punch!!
Attack On Central Brain – Ectoplague
Interkosmos – Rummelsnuff & Asbach

Tanz Mit Laibach – Wäks
Fireball – Don Spencer