Tx Fused 21.46


Midnight in Shiraz – Schiller
Always On My Mind – Dave Gahan & Soulsavers
Käfig – DAS DAS
High Wave – YVVGEN
Dawn Tape (Melting Rust Opera Remix) – Giancarlo Erra
I Will Let You Go – Emigrate
Speaking In Code – Carole Pope & Clara Venice
Invader – Daniel Hall
Blind (Lead the Blind) – MORE
A Reason To Live – Beat Noir Deluxe
Time is Not Enough – Kim Lunner
Lost in Space – Your Funny Uncle
Heavenly Outline (Parallels Remix) – VH x RR
I Miss Your Love – Very Brave Men
A Little Life – Union of Knives – Helen Marnie
Our Time Will Come Again (Navigator Project Remix) – Lost Messages
Word Up (BRAGKEN Remix) – Korn
Ritual (Reichsfeind Remix) – Imjudas
Holiday (Bruise Remix) – Confidence Man
Signs – Alangii
Loved and Lost – Architrave
Rebuild the Future (feat. Xenturion Prime) – Uncreated
Poison Fruits (I Need to Pray Mix) – enter.me
Mit Dir (Madbello Remix III) – Projekt Ich
Theme From London – Jay Lumen
Dance With Me – Positronic
Dark 2 Light – DJ Tribe & Hackfreed
Watch Out! (Leaether Strip Remix) – Rohn Lederman
Outcome – Diana Oliveira
Pay the Price – Social Ambitions
Safety of a Prison Cell – Outpost 11
Choices of Plenty – ee:man
Taking Back – Ttragic
Naked & Confused (The KVB Remix) – Local Suicide & Skelesys
The Incident – Replikant
Assume Kontrol – Black Light Odyssey
Das Mädchen Aus Dem All (Metroland’s Outergalactic Mix) – Rector Scanner
The End of The World – Asfalt
Falling Down (Graviton Remix / Antonym Remix) – Unitcode:Machine
Ass Battery – W.A.S.T.E.
Selbstaufgabe – Ascii.Disko
Herbstsonate – Zweite Jugend
I Am Nothing (Taiko Sludge Remix by Go Fight) – Stabbing Westward
Nueve Circulos – Machino
Freakin’ Out Reverse Bass – Kryonix
Edge of Ruin (Steven Olaf Remix) – Angelspit
Necromance (feat. Sinnis of Disorder Faith) – Dreams of Passion
Sea Creatures – Nox Nave
Early Nineties – Hardway Bros
Young Foxes – Ultra Sunn

Mach Dir Nichts Daraus – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer