Tx Fused 21.48


‘Twas A Long Parting (feat. Sissi Rada) – Lena Platonos
Salome’s Dance – Lena Platonos
Radium Girls – Victorian Death Photos
Starlings – Covered in Snow
From Now On – Hidden By Ivy
Paradis Perdus – Die Form
Draconian Days (feat. Stephen Newton) – Daniel Hall
Alphatronic – Slvmber
Strange Kind of Paradise – Cold Connection
I Have Seen – Analogue Electronic Whatever
Weight – Hatif
The Rule – Sleeplab
Irradiation 32568 – Lisa Pung
Come On, Johnny Boy (MindCode Remix) – M.U.N.T Connection
Driving – Planet Neil
Waiting For You (feat. Isa Zurizi) – Die/Go
Cisco Heat – Surge
The Unité – KVB
Left Me Dry – Deeperlove
House Music All Night Long (Hot Chip Remix) – Jarv Is…
Cessing – Ricardo Ducca
Gordon’s Gin – Parralox
When The Sky Calls (feat. Norah Sunset ) – Frankie&Rikiabi vs DJ Skyjump
Way Back Then – TintheL
Discordia – Hissarlik
Cool Kids of Death (Underworld Mix) – Saint Etienne
Warzone – Vittorio Di Mango
Never Enough (Never Ever Mix) – Fox Nova Project
Der Duft des Roggens – Konstantin Unwohl
All Licking Tongue – Filmmaker
Effigy – Zwaremachine
Ebba von Papen – Exferno
Asylum – Probe
Your Sex (Cunnilingus Mix) – Elektrosekt
On On On On! (Beat Mix!) – Body Pleasure
Krampusnacht – Darkzine
Rite It Off – Lower Tar
The Industry – Marquis
Let Your Daemons Free – Iamnoone
Flugornas Herre – Arvsynd
Gedanken lesen – Robert Goerl & DAF
Wolf Among Sheep – Mirland
Blood – Choke Chain
Bombs Keep Hitting (Meshes Remix) – Anti Yo
Ushi No Toki Mairi – Viscera Drip
Deutschland, Bleiche Mutter – Tension Control

Sila – Laibach

Mixcloud xTra

Swamp Soul Dub – Inca Babies
Self Seeker – Deine Lakaien
Guns Don’t Cry – Storm Seeker
Take Your Heart – Vonamor
Spirit Power – Caleb Jackson
Temperature – Cristian Collodoro
It’s No Secret – Riki
The Gift – Xennon
SKU 22 (Ssick Remix) – viA fAntAsticA
Obsession (Anniversary Remix) – Mirko Hirsch
Release Me (Boys Noize Dub Mix) – Rein
Illuminate (Delta Omega Remix) – Revolution Above Disorder
The Rising Phoenix – Stars Crusaders & Cryo
The Curfew After The Massacre – Broadcast

Fireball – Don Spencer