Tx Fused 21.50 (Xtra!)


Lost In Time – Circumpolar
Street Samurai Molly – Matteo Tura
Into My Own (Nostalgia Deathstar Remix) – Montage Collective
Ghosts – Young Empress
Kepler 48 – Rational Youth
Light You On Fire – SYZYGYX
The Politics of Dancing – klack
Never Grow Up (feat. Alexandra Esakova / James Peden Remix) – Spaceman 1981
Feel – Mötel
When Spring Began (Winter Remix) – Into The Blood
Huntress – Massive Luxury Overdose
The Killing Moon (Axe Mix) – BlakLight
Cut Out My Heart – The Gliding Faces
Burning Loneliness (Ferrari Kid Remix) – Red Industrie
I’ll Be Gone (Stompin’ Stiletto Mix) – Bronski Beat
F (Bong 13 Mix) – Cubic
Chip Stress 07 A – Erhalder
Sundown (Club Mix) – Thought Beings
Humans – Lifelong Corporation
All Day – Interface
Asche – Ascii.Disko
Italian Sex Drive – Arnaud Rebotini
Struck (feat. Casey Desmond / Moris Blak Remix) – Carv.R
Technobot – Nexus 8
Ecoute (Kinky Da Fresh Edition) – AbsolutUnsa
On Time – Saturno 5
Dance on Dead Bodies (Lights of Euphoria Kick Your Body Mix) – Armageddon Dildos
Afraid to Die – Larva
Naoús – This Morn’ Omina
Ahriman – Sarin X Scarlit Port
Nil By Mouth – Broken English Club
Tight Knots – Emge
Replicants Army – Filmmaker
All Black Everything – Faderhead
Leave Me Be (Mildreda Mix) – Dive
Stand Your Ground – Pantser Fabriek
Candidate – Blitz Union
Théorie (Redux) – Eva|3
Country That Doesn’t Exist (Teknovore Remix) – Portvain
Number 23 (Club Version) – Beyond Border
Schwarzer Himmel – Cøunts
Tech Noir – LupoSapien
Empte – Leaether Strip
Visitors (Rework Version) – First Aid 4 Souls
Morticians – Cattac
Nova Akropola – Noctiferia

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Das Meer II – Kosmischer Läufer
Near Me – 1st Base Runner
Belladonna – Male Tears
Reach For Love (feat. Christina Siravo & Maxx Parker) – Fulvio Colasanto
Visionless – Kiethevez
Your Kiss – Oleg Xaler
Forever Rain – Tor Lundvall
Spin The Wheel (feat. Lennart A. Salomon) – Morphose
Prediction – ELIHU
Némesis – Doble Nucleo
Porcelain (Ash Code Remix) – Principe Valiente
Total Forgetting – Martial Canterel
Love Promise – Suicidal Romance
It’s Over Now – Velvet Vega
The Trance That Veils The Mind – Metal Disco
Messages – Rosegarden Funeral Party
Opposite – Piur
Tears in B Minor – Alex Zind
There Are No Dreams (Epic Mix) – Ghosting
Souvenir – Blind Delon
The Messianic Symphony – Neurotech
The Lake – Lindy Fay Hella
Devil’s Share – Thorofon
Infection (feat. Kushano) – SAWLO
Autobahn – Art Halk
Terror by Night (feat. Rafael Bittencourt) – Midnight Danger
Need (Dr3amclinic Mix) – Solemn Shapes
This City (2021 Remix) – Love?
Stanced – Shxde
Nightmares – NamNamBulu
Eros (Calling Marian Remix) – Potochkine
Control Reset (Xander Milne Clubmix) – Magnus
Fireball – Don Spencer