Tx Fused 22.02


Geraldines Stomp Routine – Tape Five
Control – Beautiful Machines
Take It Off – SEVENRS
If You Fall I Hold You – Kim Lunner
Light for Me (Forest Mix) – Janosch Moldau
Moments of Madness (Discothèque Remix) – Discotheque
Home Without Love (Space Remix) – The Sweeps
Parasite (Stabbing Westward Christopher Hall Remix) – Deathline International
Seventeen – The Distant Minds
Screamdance – Caput Medusae
Hindsight – Vague Notion
Odd Birds (SYZYGYX Vocal Mix) – Reconverb
Back to the Beat (Original Syntronik Version) – Syntronik
Keine Sterne – MonoSapien
The Fusion – Kevin Lux
Black Tea – h/p
Taper (MORIS BLAK Remix) – GenCAB
Shattered – Supercraft
Atmosphere (Riggel Instr.Version) – Cobalto
Only Lovers (Saigg Remix) – Paolo Virdis
Truth (Velvet Skies Remix) – Sea of Sin
Road To Sarlant – Compass
The First Track – Stuffy D
A Quiet World – Prospexx
Escape (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Dani Tamayo
Digital Law – Paradox Obscur
Global Chip Shortage (feat. Livmødr) – Majestoluxe
Control The People – Faderhead
Decimate – Matt Hart
Ghosts – Dirt Factory
Getting Cold (Restriction 9 Remix) – Blinky Blinky Computerband
Ragemaker (Slighter Remix) – iVardensphere
They Dominate By Law – Red Industrie
The Japanese Horror Ballet – Tazento
Systematyka II (Milo Zanetti Remix) – Maschine Brennt
Monolith – Branntshatz
Denature (Lazerpunk Remix) – Rabbitjunk
Your Scent (Rework 2) – Fox Nova Project
Dunkle Geister – AngstSystem
Medievalist Warhead – Boyd Schidt
Transistor Fey – Torc
Snake Eats Snake – Snakeatsnake
Radiation Infected City – Toxic Industry
Touch It (Remix) – Cristian Collodoro
Die Geister Die Wir Riefen (Club Remix) – Tanzwut

War – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer