Tx Fused 22.08 (Xtra!)


Crucifix Crying Blood – Prurient
El Desdichado – Artesia
Laudanum Dance – ESA
The Death Card – Michael Idehall
Programma – h/p
Afro Acid (Charlie D Mix) – Tribal House Crew
Feel Lonely (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Telekon
More Than That – Matthias & Marss
It’s Over, If We Run Out of Love (feat. Raven Violet) – David Holmes
Moonlight and Sea – Hameleoni
As I Try Not To Fall Apart – White Lies
Rush of Glamour – Planet Neil
La Jeune Fille – Lisa Pung
You Are A Star feat. Ali Score – Jenn Vix
Democracy Burns – Costume
Lunatic Soul (Alex Grafton & Alexey Slim Vocal Edit) – Black Brejcha
Angel Just Call Me – Kim Lunner
No Evidence (Facets Remix) – Local Suicide, Skelesys
Fast-Forward Girl – Vonamor
What’s Love – Refrakt
19 – Miss Kittin & The Hacker
La Corona – Momis Alanis x Rhiannon
Goetic – Zacharian, Zamy
What Can I Do – Morvn
Bomb The Borderline – Francesca E Luigi
Visitors – Koto
Mirage – Talla 2XLC & Rinaly
Fade (Cloud Seven Remix) – Saint Tropez Caps
Empty Black Void – Reaktor
Shout It Out! (Mirko Hirsch Remix) – 1984
Are You Ready For Love (Obsession of Time Remix) – Après la Nuit
Masala – Nitro Fun
Same Old Madness – Ministry
Nightmare at 20.000 feet – Nite Fleit & Umwelt
Come + See (Vision Mix) – Tranzmit
Dungeon Maze Moves – Bassywax
Vendetta – EAS
Back to Life (Nuclear Sludge Remix) – My Love Kills
Skulljacker – Lazer Station
Humanoide – Urban Matrix
I’ll Wait (Teknovore Remix) – J:dead
Rebel Without A Clue (Ethan Fawkes Remix) – Paulitical

Das Nachtlied I – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Inner Peace (Bouncin’ Off The Moon) – Mentallo & The Fixer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

The Riddle – Gigi D’agostino
Memoirs On Glass (Llumen Remix) – Promenade Cinema
Don’t (You Mess With Me) – xPropaganda
Rival – Mavroskeleto
My Religion – PTYL
Music For Influencers – Truthscan
A Cold War City – AMMO
The Sound of Thunder – This Sacred Flower
The Power – Shagy
Delight – Erick T, Mynity
Satellite – Evan De Novellis
Down – Bante, Adriel & Alex
Loving Wrath (Dance Mix By Code 64) – For All The Emptiness
Save the Ocean – TOAL
Take (feat Kimbra / Pat Lok Remix) – BRUX
Juana – Andrea Satta
St. Claire – Hermitude