Tx Fused 22.11 (Xtra!)


Alpha (vs. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry vs Peter Harris / Adrian Sherwood Mix) – Mark Stewart
Your Life Is a Lie (feat. Richard Pustina / Fiberfav Remix) – Projekt Ich
Nunca Volverás (Touch Me & Kiss Me) – Doble Nucleo
My Darkest Memory – Blackbook
Heaven – Men Without Hats
Ghosts – Karl Kave
Save The Queen (feat. Scandroid / 3FORCE Remix) – Fury Weekend
Never Tell Me The Odds (Sorry the Hedgehog Remix) – The West View
Wakaranai – Que Sakamoto + NT
Sight Unseen (Pleasure Policy Remix) – Ex-Hyena
The Fever (feat. Dorian E) – Seadrake
Entertainment – Reakton
Neon Arabesque – Her Absence Fill The World
Irreversible Process – ANPL
Forgotten Land – Alina Valentina
Prey – Alice Glass
Dance With Me – Positronic
Calling – Alexandria`s Dream
This Fire (Restriction 9 Remix) – Her Own World
Alone – Sexual Purity
Cold Machine (Assemblage 23 Remix) – Bow Ever Down
Living Now (Mystic Experience Remix) – Train To Spain
It’s Love Time (feat Donna Quartz / Nudisco Bounce) – Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa
Somebody’s Watching Me – Milan
Late Night Lovers – Crystal, V-Lake
Transmutation (Pablo Bozzi Remix) – Rein & DJedjotronic
El Camino – Broz RDZ
I Am Overlord – Matt Hart
Intercourse – Paradox Obscur
Terrible People – Black Light District
Bandit (Nine Seconds Mix) – Purwien & Kowa
Ghosty – Ginger Snap5
Scum (Death Verified Remix) – Against I
Cracked Wax Battery – Gasoline Invertebrate
Popcorn – Xotox
10th March 1am – Pulselovers
Tria Prima (Heretic Sound Remix) – Esoterik
Renegade RV2 – Bisou Noir
Gallic Message – Dasha Rush
Take Me Away – NoTune
Eiszeit (feat. Linus Pryne) – AMF
The Master of Game – Milla Lehto
Run – Dead Lights
N.A.T.O. – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Wir Drehen Auf (Teknovore Rmx) – Basscalate
Exile (Skold Remix) – Komrads
Pourquoi – Tout Debord
Dunkle Zeiten (Stomp Mix) – evo-lution
Walking On Cursed Soil (OTHR Remix) – Ancient Methods
Beyond The Black Hole – Eternal Basement & Juno Reactor
Desecrate (Moris Blak Remix) – Cellmod
Gods of War (feat. Souldz) – Into The Pale Abyss
Serpent – 13th Angel
Rip Them Apart – :Waijdan:
Orka – Halicon
Medicine – pMad
Waterfall (Time In An Uproar) – More
The Final Ritual – Acidic Male
I Love The Difference (The Tunegirl Remix) – Edgar De Ramon
Sirens – Vitalic
Believe (feat Rhonda / Club Mix) – Luca Debonaire & Christopher Nox
Dead Berlin – Discodrama
Greatest Deejay (Deeperlove & twoloud Ext Remix) – Sonic One
I Will Survive (feat Culum Frea) – Block & Crown
Illusions – Euan Ellis
Love Scene in a Neon City – Dynalectric Orchestra
My Enemy (Concrete And Chrome Mix) – Video L’Eclipse
Vehement Skeleton (Ophelia Remix) – Empty Streets
She Said Destroy – TourdeForce
Kein Objekt! – Betonmöbel
Zombie – Tenderlash
The Last Man in Europe (Rare Ext Mix) – Steven Jones & Logan Sky
The Scorpion Sting – Skelesys