Tx Fused 22.13 (Xtra!)


Save Our Souls – Clan of Xymox
Sol Invictus – Agnis
More Than That (An electroGenetic mix by Gareth Jones) – Matthias & Marss
Heartbeat (Octolab Remix) – Mirko Hirsch
The Rhythm of The Night – Graflex
Ecstasy (feat. Jonas Groth) – Technomancer
A Pointless Game – Machine Made Pleasure
Life Everywhere – Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder
Robosexual (Scarlett Mix) – Non Stop Erotic Cabaret
Spaceship Earth – The Keplerians
Entertainment – Reakton
Catching the Sun (feat. Lis van den Akker / Tom Bro Remix) – 808 Dot Pop
Let Me Out (MBHouse Remix ) – Michael Beltran
Trees – Amarcord
Breathe (feat. Astrid S) – Röyksopp
Khaslat – Dzhef
Sadness (Sway Gray Amfree Remix) – No Hopes
Needle In My Neck – Deadlife
Bone Yard (Anatolian Weapons Remix One) – Neud Photo
As The Fear Shall Follow – Adam X
Walking in Circles (Original Version 2017) – Matthew Creed
Atoms Complot – Univac
Power – Mind.Divided
Digital Game (Xarah Dion Remix) – Visitor
An Vorderster Front (2022 Edit) – Tyske Ludder
I Occassionally Forget To Feed My Rabbit – Saffam
Nothing in the Static – Dread Risks
Violencia Futura (Russian Dark Mix) – Formato Negativo
Psychic Surgery – Cut Brain
B-52 (SARIN Remix) – Dry_Feel
Die Krieger – Oberer Totpunkt
Spectre (Hack The Planet) – Kizunaut
Vortex (Celldöd Remix) – Violet Poison
Gravity is the Problem – Fractal
Der Fluch (Toal Remix) – L’Âme Immortelle
Leben ohne Licht (Qual Remix) – XTR Human
Get Out – BlazerJacket versus Dirty Bird 13
Swaggrotech Aint Dead – Seraphim System
Racing Backwards (Metaglide) – Aesthetische
The Work Is Done (Aggression Mix) – Orange Sector

2525 – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

La Forme (King of The Mountains Mix By Hot Chip) – Kraftwerk
Purple Zone (Club Mix) – Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys
Achilles Tendon – Assassun
In Motion (feat. Incirrina) – Metal Disco
Love Like Capitalists (Club Edit) – Dear Deer
Antimony – Esoterik
Just Because You Can (Doesn’t Mean You Should) – Flux
Skeleton Dance – Dark
Broken – pMad
Sunset Strip (Sonic Mix) – Dynalectric Orchestra