Tx Fused 22.14 (Xtra!)


Intro – Stuka 696
Ukraina – Iwan Lovynsky & KingSMarine
Let Us Die – Sanz
The Limit (Matt Mancid Remix) – Color Theory
Moths – Frozen Plasma
My Kingdom – Equatronic
I Am The One – Stereoskop
World Falls Away – Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell
I Don’t Understand (Matt Hart Remix) – Antibody
Let Me Go (Extended Vocal Change Your Mix) – Ken Martina
My Name – Mental Discipline
King Pawn Sacrifice – Beat Noir Deluxe
Solid Ground – Second Complex
Nevermore (People Theatre S Try Mix) – Machine Made Pleasure
Lipstick Masquerade (feat. Persha) – Carpenter Brut
Weepster – VATSWAV
Strange Daze – Jetfire Prime
It Falls Into You – Tempers
For Eternity – Agle
Ambulance DJ – Sonic One & Twoloud & Deeperlove
Boogie Wonderland (Tom Pulse Da Clubbmaster Club Mix) – DJ Skywalk
Covalent Bond – Erick T, The Second Wave
Passion (Sean Finn Remix) – Amfree Stefane
Dreaming Colors (feat. Artdob) – LionT
Sistema Falso – Puerta Negra
Connectome – Atosi
Sin City – Catsnake
Until The End (Nature of Wires Remix) – Obsession of Time
Angry Girl – Confidence Man
Saviour – The Second Coming (Club Mix) – Lights of Euphoria
Virtual Gods – Fakzility
Tulpa (Love Me + Hate Me) – Imjudas
Necromancer – :waijdan:
Skin (Black Light Odyssey Remix) – BlakLight
The Other Side – My Love Kills
Raindrops – Corlyx & Massive Ego
Spec Ops – Termination_800
Shower Me With Freedom – Am Tierpark
Gabor (Take A Bow) – Daniel Myer
Instagirl – Slichtnacht
Metal Fusion – Source Code, Jester
Nimmerschein – Stahlfunke
Serenity – Talla 2XLC
Give Me A Reason – Endanger

Ordnung Und Disziplin (M├╝ller Versus Brecht) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

The Kroeppelshagen Tapes #3 (Detail 1) – Camouflage

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Furious Max (Mad Max) – Extize
Feel The Drive (Pablo Bozzi Edit) – Doctor’s Cat
Sacrificios Que (feat. Patricia Fortuna) – Unidad Obscura
Broken Home – Forever Grey
I want You – Art Deko
Reset (John Fryer Mix) – BlackCarBurning
My Nemesis – Figure Section
Another Time (Exclusive Fused Remix) – Sonar 4
Touch – Felix Marc
Headbanger Boogie – DJ Emerson
Flug Auf Dem Gl├╝cksdrachen – Claas_Inc.
Asylum (C-Lekktor Remix) – Ego Bliss
30 Minutes of Fame (Tonschleifer Remix) – White Noise TV
All Is A Lie (Eisfabrik Remix) – Digital Energy
Young Foxes – Ultra Sunn
Still Standing – Svaj.
Disregard – Maschine Brennt