Tx Fused 22.15 (Xtra!)


Overview Effect (Lucas Gil Remix) – Michael Donoghue
Strange Kind of Paradise (Kim Lunner Remix) – Cold Connection
Silence – Ludovico Technique
Kill The Spies (Hacked) – Conscience
Melodrome – Sight Telma Club
A New World (BlakLight Remix) – Sonar 4
Now I Can Sleep – Reflection
Language Is A Weapon – Your Funny Uncle
Time is a Dream (feat. Megan McDuffee) – Narconic
Away From Home – BlueBalou
Holding Hands – Kim Lunner
Search The Stars – Karim
New World – Cereus
Lonely Nights (Julian Sanza & Lafrench Toast Remix) – FM Attack
Neon Bluebird (Fear of Tigers Remix) – Eliot & Silverhook
Chimére – Chris Brid & Jonas Fritz
Trumpet Song – Confidence Man
Shot Down – Mirko Hirsch
Boom Bang Boom! (Mirko Hirsch) – Knight$
Mi Burbuja Vital – Fangoria
Blasphemous Circle (Metal Mix) – Yari Greco
Paranoiac SL – Rroyce
No Time Like The Present (La Fleur Du Mal) – Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
Ashtray Ballet – Astari Nite
Schwätzer – Isolationsgemeinschaft
Flames (Revamped / feat. j:dead) – Menschdefekt
Rare (Spankthenun Remix) – White Noise TV
Rise – PA / ST
Anger Mangement – IC 434
Your Words – Agents of Rhythm
Regret & Testify – Chrom
All These Moments – Endless Nothing
Necromancy (Faderhead Remix) – Sündenrausch
Nils Bohr – Colony Collapse Disorder
Body Flow – Cult of Alia
Freedom For All (DeZeption Remix) – Projekt Ich
Symphony of War – Electronic Frequency
Over and Over – Bionic Bitch
Don’t Pray for Me – Skold
Selfie Stick (Dicepeople Remix) – Leg Puppy
I Find You – Devilsight
Battles – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Space and Time – She Hates Emotions
The Pageantry of Loneliness – L’Avenir
Delete War – Jonny Fallout
Destination Zone – AndrosLand
Underground – Primitive Heart
En gång – Kapitalet
Shadowsister – Naeon Teardrops
Goodbye Horses (Immortality Video Mix) – Psyche
The March of The Agnus Dei – Apres La Nuit
Flesh Sacrifice – Statiqbloom
Electronic Body Weapon 1 – Randolph & Mortimer
Parallel Moves – Fluxion
You Stole My Heart – Split Vision
Sex Is Violence – Savage Grounds