Tx Fused 22.18


Dharma – The Present Moment
Forager – Champagne Mirrors
Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub (feat Jon Klein) – Jah Wobble & The Ukrainians
There’s No Mystery – Klaus Schulze
Beneath Smooth Waters – Jenny Stevens & The Empty Mirrors
En Gång – Kapitalet
Call Me Up (808 Dot Cut Mix) – Kraftman
Kill Me Tonight – X Marks The Pedwalk
Dolce Vita (Vence Romance Remix) – Après La Nuit
Banish – Anadyr
Repetition – Hatif
Home (Arduug Remix) – Young Empress
Hold Tight (The Saint Paul Summermix) – J:dead
Access Denied (Fun Mix) – Lights of Euphoria
Good Looking (feat. Jamie Jamal) – Muzoid
Keys (feat CeCe X) – Nature of Wires
Doing Crimes (Version 2) – Ari Mason
Overload – Pablo Bozzi
All of That (Pablo Bozzi Remix) – SDH
Fatale Recall 5 – Louis De Tomaso
Sigma – Christian Patti
Rollercoaster (Mario Beck Mix) – Sven Kuhlmann
Albion (feat. C.A.R / Jackson Rework) – Tim Paris
Salome (Steve Object Remix) – Echoberyl
Malevolent Spirit – Occams Laser
Listen To The Wall – Autumns
The Rise – Pure Obsessions & Red Nights
Mania 4 Conquest – Semantix
Delirium – Cute Heels
One Missed Call (Empirion Remix) – ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse)
Nothing’s Certain – Unconscious
Join The Nation – Orange Sector
Number 23 (Eisfabrik Remix) – Beyond Border
Revelation (Alex Di Stefano Remix) – Chapter & Page
Underground (Skoddie Remix) – Primitive Heart
The Great Hereafter (EXT EST Remix) – Sick Jokes
Weit Und Nah – ZWE1HÄNDER
The Dark Throne – My Love Kills
Magnetic Rose – IV Horsemen
Forward Chrome (JK Flesh Remix) – Phase Fatale
Klaustro Paris II – Mode Citizen
Dominate (Sawtooth Remix) – Spankthenun

Herakles 2 Oder Die Hydra (Live) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer