Tx Fused 22.24


Circus of the Living (David Harrow Remix) – Kat Bryan
Dive – Eugene
Crime / Scene – Plattenbau
Resonance – Blue Stahli
Last Train To Clarksville – Watch Clark
The Longest Hour – Red Mecca
Peter (The Kolour Kult Remix) – The Mystic Underground
Flag – Your Funny Uncle
October – Darren & Cheryl Holland, Barb Wilmoth
Odesa Steps – Nouveaux
Final Time – SubClass
Hurt – The Sweet Kill
Whole (Elektrostaub Remix) – Mondtraume
Imagine – Conscience
Holy Violence (Ceremony Shadows Remix) – Pleasure Victim
Token – Dubstar
We Were Never Lost – Causeway
Signals (Club Mix) – Vidéo L’Eclipse
Behind Me – Condition One
Avalon – Breathe of My Leaves
The Trial – Encephalon
Dalmar Is Back And It’s Final – Moscoman
Man And Machine (Reshuffled) – Lights of Euphoria
The French Do It Better – Pulses
Magic Fly – Humanoid Invasion
Push – Gabe Gurnsey
Supernature (Christian Desnoyers Remix) – One Man Sound
Do You Think of Me – Northern Lite
Zterbem – Formato Negativo
Obsolete – Kevin Lux
Puppets In Shadowplay – Unhuman
1​, 2, Korosu – The Gothsicles
Black Wedding (Dark Embrace Remix) – Blutengel
Happy Face – Aesthetic Perfection
Lust – Skin Temple
The Seven Seas (The Pirate Anthem) – Caboan
Tanz im Neonlicht – evo-lution
Algorithmic – 40 Octaves Below
Katharsis – System Noire
Sex Junkie (Patrick Codenys Abuser Mix) – Elm
Destroy! (Aeon Rings Remix) – Black Light Odyssey
Windows To The Wild (Ubre Blanca Remix) – Soft Riot
Upside Down Devil (Hxnging Rxven Remix) – Angelspit
Pale Horse – Her Noise Is Violence

Ich Bin Der Engel Der Verzweiflung – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer