Tx Fused 22.27 (Xtra!)


To the Unknown Man – Andy Hagerty
Nice to Be in Orbit (feat. the Safety Word) – SpaceMan 1981
They Met At Art School – Helen Love
Synchronize – Sea of Sin
The Heartbeat of the Night – Pure Obsessions & Red Nights
Touch Me Inside (Replicant Mix) – Benjamin Russell & Rob Stuart
Tomorrow’s Hope – Ethseq
Lighthouse (feat Imogen Doyle / KeX_1 Remix) – MSX1
Miss Gendered – Lizette Lizette
Fragile Revolution – Lluva & Eutropic
1 – Metroland
Caressing The Pale (Ad:key Remix) – Miseria Ultima
Mindeaters – Tíklá
This Ain’t Good – She Hates Emotions
Calling on the Apocalypse – Encephalon
I’ve Been Gone So Long (Reorder Remix) – Talla 2XLC & Christina Novelli
Lion in a Cage – Minuit Machine
Doubts – Claustraphobia
The Chase – Christian Desnoyers & One Man Sound
Elephant – Benttum
Ploys (Erol Alkan Rework) – Working Men’s Club
Drop It – Rui Manu
Burn This House (feat. Little Boots) – J Worra
The Sorrow Stays for Good (Albin Myers Remix) – The Mobile Homes
Come On I Want You (Ironic Sweden Remix) – Francesca E Luigi
Lies – Kresko + Mark Bebb
Nightlife (Near Dark Mix) – Fused
Absence – De Lorra
All About You (Olaf Wollschläger Remix) – BlackCarBurning
Imaginary World – The Rorschach Garden
Necromancer – Fear Incorporated
Killing Game (Remix By Kalt) – Dark Line Spectrum
Assassin – Blue Stahli
Panic Over (Brutalist Architecture in the Sun Remix) – Androids in the Mist
Purge (Black Asteroid Remix) – Front Line Assembly
The Old Hunters – Xenturion Prime
Lex Talionis (Remix By Dark Line Spectrum) – Kalt
Source Control – Mascarpone
Industrial Beats (That Total Kalt Remake) – Spankthenun
Texture Corrupt – Control Control
Function – Pointless Animals
Monumental (Dimeuhduzen Remix) – Matte Blvck
No Shuffle (Terence Fixmer Remix) – Front 242
Vampire Passion – Projekt203
Over And Over – Bionic Bitch

Medea Material – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Velvet Belly – This Mortal Coil

**MixCloud Xtra**

The Night – Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
The Night – Nouveaux
The Night – Soft Cell
Atemporal – Werner Karloff
Cairo – Night in Athens
In Mindibu – Stavroz
Running up that Hill (Strange Dominatrix Things Rmx) – Kate Bush
Important Things In Space – Tom & Mossee
Black Diamond Eyes – Christopher Hermann
Good Intentions – Indigo Loop
In the Machine – Maschine Brennt
Occulus Infernum – Red Deviil
Haifisch – Fusspils 11
The Age of Darkness – G.H.T
That Shit – Dictivated
Killing Sanity – Mind I Matter
Marginalia (Remix) – Black Ash