Tx Fused 22.30 (Xtra!)


Lullaby For My Last Night On Earth – The Darkstar Calling
When Skies Collapse – Warptronic
50 Years Ago – Circuit3
Oh Please – Metric
HeatWave – Fluid Ghost
Heat Wave – Vague Notion
Heatwave – Robert Miles
Heat wave – Jake the Kid
Heatwave – XP8
Heatwave – Fragrance.
Heatwave (Ill Humans Remix) – Cold Connection
Heatwave (Goldberg Remix) – Bronski Beat
Der Kommissar – Falco
Metamorph (Medley) – Coolnick + Hall
Keep on Burning – Priest
Easier Alone (Julia-Sophie’s ’88 Rewind) – Anna Prior
Innocence – Disrupted Being
Kaleidoscope – Paipy
Timeless – Talla 2XLC presents RRAW
Galaxy – Stephen Mallinder
Spring Heel Jack – Kevorkian Death Cycle
Certain Style – Front Line Assembly
No Eternity (Angel’s Dance Mix) – Blutengel
The Necklace (feat. Agent Side Grinder) – Kill Shelter
Gustav I – Sturm Café
Form Folgt Funktion (Michael Matters Remix) – Tension Control
Novy Kulturi – Novosti Kulturi
Marathon – Kanka + Bodewell
The Human Right to Die – Talk Show
Hide in the Dark (Years of Denial Remix) – Rendered
Stigmata – Logan Ryuk
World Clash (Max Durante Mix) – Max und Max
Pulcra – Kay Mascara
Boomstick – FabrikC
Motte Du Bois – Mulphia

Mi Kujemo Bodocnost (Revisited) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Instrumental Journey – Robo Ash
Fulgurite – Field Glass
Missing Everyday – Movie Camera
Northern Lights – Mephisto Walz
Is It Really That Bad (Rotersand Rework) – Mari Kattman
My Heart Is Gold – Unroyal
Searching For Love – Coolmowee
You And I – Current One
Firestorm – X Marks The Pedwalk
Burned Out Sun (feat. Blind Passenger / Kingsinwhite Remix) – Outsized
Annihilator – Revolution Above Disorder
Don’t (You Mess With Me) – xPropaganda
Debajo (Diaz Tech Remix) – Tapia
Keygen – LukHash
To Jupiter And Back (Talla 2XLC Remix) – Kebu
Artificial Breed (Get Into The Mood) (feat Melotika / Halo Remix) – Kris Halo Pierce