Tx Fused 22.31 (Xtra!)


Start Over Again – Beat Noir Deluxe
Overthinking – Friday Night Firefight
Treatment (feat. Brian Belknap) – Second Complex
Alone Again – Noise Unit
Red Light – Fatal Aim
Collapse – The Red Dots
Kindheitsgeschmack – Ship Her Son
Body Gum – David J Bull
Mach 20 – Electron Odyssey
From The Tower To The Grave – Dizz D’Ark
19 – Working Men’s Club
Tears – Set
Another Time (Fused Dub Mix) – Sonar 4
2023 – Robot Fm
Good To Me – Tom Sawyer
Karma Climb (Jennifer Cardini & Damon Jee Remix) – Editors
I Love Saturday (Ian Levine Remix) – Erasure
Frozen (feat. Missy Crissy, Gabe Rizza / Tequila Mix) – Key Loch
Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean
Let’s Burn The Floor – Yeri Hye
My Little Perverse Doll – Midian Dite
Night of My Own – Outsized
Technology – Minimatron
Ammonite (Hold On To That) – A Man Called Adam
Fall And Rise – White Ritual
Destroyer of Worlds (Nano Infect Remix) – Suicide Commando
No Return – Vanguard
Prototype – Alto Voltaje
Miriam (Boys Noize Remix) – Curses
Relitto (Unhuman Remix) – Violet Poison
A New Drug (International Cartel Version) – Aesthetic Perfection
Capsule – Critical Limit
Smart Dust City – Reakton
Agree To Disagree – Romain FX
Doomed (feat. Ultra) – Stahlschlag
Hold Your Forked Tongue – Wychdoktor vs E.S.A.
Carried To Excess – Inca Hunters
The Parade – Love, Rave, Unity – DEVN6
Dead Eyes Society – Umwelt
Point of No Return – Vyrtual Zociety
Midnight Doctrine – comradenathan

Der Vater – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Call My Name – iamamiwhoami
Hey You – Fonohead
The Rotten Ship (Speed Mix) – BlueForge
Wonderland – Solitary Experiments
Why – Electronic Frequency
Bitter Dripping – Delta Komplex
EBM Fighter – Post Analog Disorder
9I (Remix) – Nordvargr
Assassination – Front Line Assembly
Deal3r – Male Tears
Circulo Vicioso (Kenny Campbell Remix) – Damaged Clock
Mayday (feat. Tazento) – Faktion[22]
Kannst du es sehen? – Beating Signal
L’Amour Et La Mort – Flux
Descending Into Hell (Reanimater Mix) – ELSD