Tx Fused 22.33


Peace of Mind – Praises
Shake It Naked (feat. Say) – Jamie Jamal
No Place In Time – Silent Runners
Flaw In The Design – Home Front
Your Life – Zeropolis
Neuchâtel – This Is The Bridge
Light Up Your Dark – Hanna Rua
Be The Change – SPC ECO
Minefield – Blackbook
Seven Days – A Slice of Life
Snow in Frisia – Massiv In Mensch
Fools Outside – Xanthippe
Why Aren’t You Dead Yet? – Ayria
Speak in Sine – Voicecoil
Blanket (Zinqmind Edit) – Darwinmcd/Mark Bebb
Take It All – M73
Summer Lovers – Italian Party
Puppeteer (Popcorny Mix) – Lights of Euphoria
VIII – Christian Hornbostel
Stay Forever (Zinnat Remix) – Into The Blood
Let Me Take You – Fonz Tramontano & Sarah Ladybnow
Dogs Don’t Dance – Eric C. Powell, Andrea Powell
Whisper To A Scream – Bobby O
Diagram – Blancmange
Two Black (Skelesys Remix) – JG Outsider
Bottomless Pit – Parzival
Dracula – The Beginning – Wojciech Kilar
Perfection (feat. System Noire) – Beyond Border
Darkness and Fury (feat Isserley / Trauma Treatment Remix by Bobby Bailey) – Khionik
Body Count Proceed (2007 Re-Count) – Suicide Commando
Serketre – 40 Octaves Below
Maximum Formula (2002 Mix) – Interface
Ferryman’s Bell – Institute For The Criminally Insane
To All Lonely Stars – Last Activity
The Speed – Ultra Sunn
Control I´m Here (Dominatrix EBM Rmx) – Nitzer Ebb
I Tried (Eyes Wide Mix) – Sorrow Stories
KKÄ – Capsicum Boyz
Patria – Maquinaria Mecánica
Angry Planet – Monzanto
Alpha Philosophies – Code : Red Core

For You Blue – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer