Tx Fused 22.34


White (You Are In Heaven) – The Clarke & Ware Experiment
Gordon’s Gin – The Human League
Almost Medieval – The Human League
It’s Over (feat. Billy Mackenzie) – British Electric Foundation
Being Boiled – The Human League
Cairo – The Future
Circus of Death – The Human League
Let’s All Make A Bomb – Heaven 17
Decline of The West – British Electric Foundation
(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Rapino Edit) – Heaven 17
Empire State Human – The Human League
This Is Mine – Heaven 17
Penthouse And Pavement (Mr Big Buckles And His Amazing Ride) – Heaven 17
At The Height of The Fighting (The Steve Hillier Project Remix) – Heaven 17
Temptation (Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix) – Heaven 17
Blind Youth (Peel Session 16.08.1978) – The Human League
The Dignity of Labour (part 3) – The Human League
Ball of Confusion (feat. Tina Turner) – British Electric Foundation
Lovers Forever – Pink Turns Blue
Last Light – Hawks Do Not Share
Something Blue – The Kolour Kult
On My Own (feat Emily Zuzik) – Synth Lovers Cafe
Warm Leatherette – Leg Puppy
So Many People – Hubert Kah
Pure Devotion – Bloodinwater
Synchronize (The KVB Remix) – Sea of Sin
Bringing Life to Shadows – B! Machine
Ess – Novus:UK
Lock And Load – Masked
Granite – Perpacity
Dora – Zillas on Acid
Arm’s Length (Rōnin / Club) – Unkle
Hammer Down – Ormiston
Le Frottement – Nox Nave
Spiderhugger – Bedtime for Robots
LowTech (feat Maybeeh & J-C / Planktoon Remix) – Mach FoX
Therefore It Is – Autumns
Good Human (Bad Human Version) – Cellmod
Brdzola – Tasime Da Hidonash
Zerstört (Grendel Remix) – :Waijdan:
Terminal love (SnifferGod remix) – Zeromancer
My Psychosis – Persona Non Grata
Homo Sapiens (Downwell Remix) – Babes of Enola Grey
Time Machine – reADJUST
Black Roses (Opposite Sex) – Blutengel
Digital Life (A.I. Mix / Her Own World Remix) – Ǝ.N.D

Germania – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer