Tx Fused 22.35 (Xtra!)


Player Name – Andrei Rikichi
Derealized – Allicorn
Devious – Spectra*Paris
Love’s Destroyer – Secret Mutilator
Sisters – pMad
The First Person – Duet Emmo
The Breeze – Train To Spain
Exit – Eyeless Sight
Not So Good At Being Me – The Livelong June
Menticide – Miss FD
Trick of the Light (Francesca e Luigi Remix) – Color Theory
Every Atom An Oscillator – Breathe of My Leaves
M-U-S-I-K – Twisted Destiny
No One Knows – Symmetrix
Lazy Dayz – D-Noise
City of Dreams – James Peden
Summer Herz – Steven Jones & Logan Sky
Shading a Life – Purple Fog Side & Elsehow
Don’t Make Me Laugh – National Milk Bar
Silver Machine – Desire
Hold Me In Your Arms Again (Ali Schwarz’s Dance Tili You Popo RMX) – GusGus x John Grant
Controls – Röyksopp
Space Is Us (Basement Jaxx Mix) – Telefis
Freakout/Release – Hot Chip
BB’s In The Box (Rmx Christo) – Lisa Pung
Lambo – Sven Kuhlmann
Free Your Mind – Mathey B
Let It Roll – Pablo Bozzi
El Farolito – Casual SX, Tony Metric, V-Lake
Time and Time Again (feat. Hotel Mira) – Sleepy Tom
Wannabe – Lee Rose
Off With Their Heads – Psyclon Nine
Scam to Sham – Nox Nave
Face To Face – Twin Rattler
A Moment In Time (feat. Misssuicide) – Silence In Machine
Drink Up – Exferno
Beware The Dog (feat Su Eko) – Chris Shape
Patterns – Freaky Mind
The Power of Darkness – Dizz D’Ark
Passion – Terra V. D.H.D.
Temperature – Interface
Perfect Life – Electronic Frequency
They All Were Wrong (feat. Freaky Mind) – Too Dead To Die
Rebuilt. Reborn – Rroyce
Rainbow Road – Three Faces of Eve
Firefight On Warrett Street (Planet Damage Remix) – Slighter

Zmagoslavje Volje – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Dimensions of Time – Conscience
Greasin’ Up Jesus (Yard Act Remix) – Warmduscher
Girl Not Machine – Humans Can’t Reboot
Light – TourdeForce
You Go To My Head – Rohn – Lederman
Floatation – Synkro
1984 (Summernights) – A Million Stars
All She Wants Is (Daddybear Mix) – Batavia
Tangerine – Teleporters
Cold Hands – Traumship
Discotänzer – Caspa Houzer
Bop Beat – Erasure
Erosionexcision – Stoneburner
Heads Off – Combichrist
Outlaw (Terence Fixmer Remix) – Arnaud Rebotini
Bring on the Apocalypse – Alien Vampires