Tx Fused 22.38


I Am Not A Drone – Rohn – Lederman
Still Alive – Noise Unit
Atlantis – U96
Hounds of Love (feat. Jigsaw Sequence) – Montage Collective
Acai – Pyrolator
Welcome To The Shrine – Alien
Aeolian Bodies – Kuedo
Mascara Streakz – Altered Images
Heavenly Outline – VH x RR
I Can’t Help You When I’m Gone – Kim Lunner
Taunt – Portion Control
Mach 20 – Electron Odyssey
Electrique Fabrique – KRAFTman
Großes Kino – Merry Chicklit
In Dub We Trust – KMFDM
Crazyheads (Transmit Centre Mix) – Analogue Electronic Whatever
Saudade (The Way of Love) – Fatigue
Soul Survivor – C.C. Catch
Mars Behind The Crescent Moon – Humans Can’t Reboot
Similar Sensation – The Black Renegade
Safe Harbour (Fractal Age Remix) – Fragilechild
Nobody – Treasure Fingers, Oxxid
Forêt Magique – Super Plage
Could It Be – jackLNDN
Grouch – TR/ST
Death By Heartache (On The Dancefloor RMX) – Junksista
Dead Stars – Marc Almond
Today – Noha
OK (feat. Huong Su / Llm Club Trance Remix) – Psy’aviah
Apocalyptech (Moyom Remix) – Baltes & Zäyn
Nobody Understands – Psyence
Bad Posture – L/F/D/M
No Fate (DJ Dominatrix Remix) – Infacted Allstars
Tesla – Headless Mannequins
Loved – Fear-E
Kinetic Impulse – NeuroWulf
Sex In The Web City – CPX
Scientists – Risk Risk
Control (Spankthenun Remix) – Eva X
Schlaf Mit Dem Bösen (Martin Bodewell’s Rmx) – Symptom Eskalation
Cuddlefish (feat. Stoneburner) – The Gothsicles
Trouble – Daemon Grey
Anarchy – Ruined Conflict

Anglia – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer