Tx Fused 22.39 (Xtra!)


World Alone – Sydney Valette
Gurdjieff’s Trousers – Jumble Hole Clough
Danse Avec Moi – Secret Wife
Is That Your Uniform – Ashbury Heights
You and Me – Electronic Frequency
Close To You – Positronic
Adored – Adored
Now That I Own The BBC (feat. Pulse Lab) – Montage Collective
Black Pawn – Apoptygma Berzerk
Plastic (The Modern Mix) – Lifelong Corporation
Stormbringer – Blaqk Audio
Dangerous (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) – Miss Tiapy
The Last Time (The KVB Remix) – Magnetic Skies
Leaving Never Returning – Main
Starlings – No Devotion
Social Lovers (feat. John Rox / RMX2016) – SPECTRA*paris
Come Around – Russell Louder
Express Yourself (Club Mix) – Basement Jaxx
Cheyah (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) – Mr. Bill
Be Yourself (People Theatre Remix) – Hall & Newton
The Heart Beyond – Electro Spectre
Castles in the Sky – Eloquent
Deep Unlearning – Filmmaker
Higher Beings Command – Coil
I Was, Am Now, And Shall Have No End [V2] – Human Vault
Machineries of Joy – Frontline Assembly vs Die Krupps
Regresión – Nidadmen
Circle of Confusion (Blinky Blinky Computerband Remix) – MC1R
The Shadow’s Whispers – IV Horsemen
Venerdì D’Arte – Nghtly
D2DR2 – Plastik Plasmatik
Core – Front Line Assembly
Tumult – Die Krupps vs Frontline Assembly
Shoplifters – Chino
Unsatisfied Desires – Zenau
Electro In My Body (feat. Basscalate) – SynthAttack
Deviation (Inside Agitator Remix) – Stamba
Chinese Food (C-Lekktor Remix) – FabrikC
In the Shadows – Blutengel
Never (Synthattack Remix) – ES23
Feindbild (Offensive 2022) – Nachtmahr
Mind’s Eyes – Cristian Collodoro

Into The Machine – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer
Terminus – All of Them Witches

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

From Myth to Legend – Different Moon
Future Stranger – Kai Bosch
Tramp in St Tropez – Joe Adhemar
Das Model (feat. Liss Eulenherz) – Somegirl
La Gazzetta Dello Sport – Kraftman
Deconstruct – Goldparalax
What If I Were The Boy – Vaulted Skies
It Hurts! (Leæther Strip Remix) – Rohn – Lederman
Casino Technale V2 – Karneaux
Satan (The Horrorist Remix) – Jemek Jemowit
Nyarlathotep (Remix) – Dark Ghost Dream
Un Chien Andalou – Dave Phillips