Tx Fused 22.40


The Erik Satie Toga Party – Jumble Hole Clough
Le Stoloï – Bolshevik Intervention
Mein Weg (Club Edit) – Merry Chicklit
Raining Tears of Blood – Chris and Cosey
The Crunch – Rah Band
Lyx – Lustans Lakejer
Take Your Time – Tin Gun
Poison Fresh (Doctor Phibes Mix) – SPECTRA*paris
Celebrate It Together – Howard Jones
Brooklyn. Friday. Love. – The Midnight
From Myth to Legend – Different Moon
My Husband – Girls In Synthesis
Any Other Way – Plastic Soul Boys
State of Decay – Andreas Balicki
Eagle (feat. Maxx Silver) – Montage Collective
Black Stone (Assemblage 23 Remix) – Stars Crusaders
I’m Not Scared – The Gliding Faces
High and Low – Sea of Sin
Isolation (Spatial Awareness Remix) – Boy George
We Are The Horrible People – Kasper Hate
Ghost Machine – Blinky Blinky Computerband
Elektrolust (Supreme Court Remix) – Pending Position
Slow Pulse (Maceo Plex & Avnu Remix) – Melawati
Pressure Point (Halo Remix) – Parralox
Seele (Remix) – DiarBlack
Don’t Think What You Think (Remix) – Blank
Time – Rimnes
Mustang (feat. Rodrics) – Bold Tuner
I See You – Rodrics
Dark Frequencies – Gin Devo
Do What You Wanna Do – Volker Milch
Propaganda – Cultivated Bimbo
Noise Is Gone – Ludovico Technique
New Super – Ross Harper
Assemble the Drones – Arcane Objective
Cliche – Street Cleaner & Cogex
Dreamland (Sutura Remix). – Chris van Neu & Alexander Olck
Cyborg – God Destruction
No Yes More Less – PIG
Unforgiven (feat. Alli Logout) – The Soft Moon
Peyote Calls – Synapscape
Everything Is Not OK (Parallx Remix) – Maedon
Mirror Acid – L/F/D/M
Doctrine – FGFC820

Država – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer