Tx Fused 22.43


Jamming The Broadcast (Alternative Version – Remix) – Re-Flex
Burn It Down – Boy Harsher
People Are Fake – Blackbook
Empty Days – Kevorkian Death Cycle
Total Liquidation (City Version) – Karl Kave & Durian
Meant to be Alone – She Hates Emotions
Kiss Me Deadly – Electro Spectre
Dark Paradise – Ronan Conroy
Copenhagen Night – Into the Blood
If We Had Ever Accidentally Met – Liquid Land
Jean-Paul – Planet Neil
Thank You for Breaking My Heart – Softwave
Bernadette – IAMX
Comme Ça [Stop] (feat. Pascal Languirand) – Lisa Pung
Don’t Talk to Strangers – Rogue FX
What You Want Me To – Voltron 2
With A Quickness – Grubby
Electric Eye – Celldweller
Breathe – Navigator Project
8: 15 to Nowhere – Vicious Pink
Hi-Hello! (feat. Omapots) – RPN
La Parole 3 (Plaid Remix) – Vincenzo Ramaglia
Disco Against Putin – Carlo Onda
Experiencer (MILLIMALLIKAS Remix) – Lucy Dreams
Dance With Me – Phonofinish
Echoes of Life (feat. Anna S. / Concert Version) – ee:man
Control Me (John Gibbons and Scimon Tist RMX) – Tiny Magnetic Pets
Sexiness (Jonny Nevs Discofox Remix) – Travel Sex
Short Short Man – Caspa Houzer
Short Dick Man (DEVN6 Edit) – Dance Stash
Let Me Down – DEVN6
Black Jackets (feat. Martin Curtis / Remix) – Bold Tuner
Smile (Bootmasters Remix) – Visioneight/Sam Mugen
Deathless – Marred
Internet Rebels (Job Sifre’s Off The Grid Mix) – Alpha Sect
Get A Day Job – Roüge
Purebloods – Emmon
No Pain No Brain – Ex-Heir
Ich Will Dich (Spüren) – TerrorX
No Cable 2022 (The Gothsicles Remix) – Landscape Body Machine
Silent Souls – Soloist Anti Pop Totalization
Bad Fact (Crystal Geometry Remix) – Gasoline Invertebrate
From The Mouths of Beasts – Biomechanimal

Boji – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer