Tx Fused 22.45 (Xtra!)


Moonburn – Emmanuel De La Paix
Kometenklänge – Elektroklänge
Addiction – LMX
Feel It (feat Maurissa Rose) – Röyksopp
Scarlet Vow – Aviators
Turn of The Tide – Solaris D
Out in the Rain – Mental Discipline
Tomorrow’s Hope – Ethseq
The Matrix – Omnimar
Anime Boy – Aldo Rox / Micky V
The Things We Hide – Rina Pavar
Nervous – Noise Unit
She’s My Guy – Panic Priest
Burning Autumn Skies – White Birches
A Question of Time – Order in Chaos
I Wanted More (Flesh of Morning Remix) – True Faith
Brutalism – Jean Michel Jarre
Day By Day – mulphia
Asteroids (Lectreau An Orbiting Remix) – Cubic
Give Me My Ground – Her Absence Fill the World
36grad (2raumremix 2022) – 2raumwohnung
Joyenergizer (Freejak Club Mix) – Freejak Joy Kitikonti
Chambacu – Broz Rdz & G4BBA
Lifeline – Lakeside X
Acid Peak – AWITW
Gargle Blaster – Vogon Poetry
Eye In The Sky (Stereolove Remix – Alternate) – Parralox
Virtual Religion (feat. Razorchild) – Neuroklast
Der Mann im Spiegel (Short and Crunch Remix) – Intent:Outtake
Freiheit (163 Mix) – Kontrast
Panzerschokolade – GEttNER
Industrial Action (Oldschool Union Remix) – Protectorate
Panic Over (Dicepeople Remix) – Androids In The Mist
Sex Junkie (Late Night Mix) – ELM
Notdeadyet (David Carretta Remix) – Rendered
We Are Still Fine – davaNtage
I Have Time to Waste (feat. Jérémie Venganza) – Pro Patria
Bleiben Sie Auf Empfang – Urban Matrix
Wind (feat. Omapots) – RPN
Technik – Kevin Lux
Event Horizon – Matt Hart
Writeman – Ornette Coleman
New Door (Sunil Sharpe Remix) – TUN Torino Unlimited Noise
Electro Spannung (Plastic Noise Experience Remix) – Die Robo Sapiens
The Never Never (feat. iVardensphere) – Avarice in Audio
Empty Room (Ures Szoba / PlanetDamage Edit) – Nadragea
Command Him – Dive

State – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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