Tx Fused 22.46 (Xtra!)


Spellbound (Cinematic Mix) – Promenade Cinema
Crawler – JK Flesh
Always There – Bourbonese Qualk
Canal 777 – Ain Soph Aur
Innocence Lost – Blaklight
The Sick Rose – Incirrina
The Clock (feat Cillian Murphy) – 08:58
Whispers (feat. Sapphira Vee / Stomp Version) – Interface
Spellbound – Code 64
Got You (OK Lion Remix) – Factheory
Feeling Good – Nature of Wires + Machina X
Spellbound – Siouxsie And The Banshees
Grüne Wiesen (2022 De Winter Version) – Wolfsheim
Set Me On Fire (Remix) – Volker Milch & DURZZO
Satanic Panic – Teo Larioni
Man And Machine – Lights of Euphoria
All In The World (Hifi’s Electro Flux) – Hifi Sean & David McAlmont
Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey
Diamonds Are Forever – David Arnold/David McAlmont
The Rhythm Divine (feat Miss Shirley Bassey) – Yello
Yell (Artificial Horizons Mix) – Benjamin Russell and Rob Stuart
Take it Out on the Dancefloor – LorD and Master
‘Disco’ La Passione (Adams And Gielen Mix) – Shirley Bassey
Pacific State – 808 State
Away (Nergaard Retro Sax Remix) – Electro Spectre
The Monster Song (SAW Too Mix) – Freezepop
The Rising Phoenix (ES23 Remix) – Stars Crusaders & Cryo
Der Löwe ist Zurück (390th Anniversary Edit) – Sturm Café
Drooling – Cold Medicine
Will-O’-The-Wisps – MissSuicide
Contradictions – Minuit Machine
Romantic Prison – IV Horsemen
Reanimator I – Wolfshook
Lust & Vanity – General Dynamics
Elbow Grease – Autumns
Interrobang – Null Device
Into The Abyss – Sodomy Down The Cross
Equilibrio – Distoxia
Glowing – Einsamkeit
Doomed (feat. Ultra / Blue Ant Remix) – Stahlschlag
Omens (Studio-X Remix) – Simon Carter and Fabsi
One By One (feat. The True Union) – Komor Kommando

The Future (feat. Donna Marina Mårtensson) – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer


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