Tx Fused 22.49


She Takes Control – She Hates Emotions
ICU (Side-order / Göran Amredahl Remix) – Ironic Sweden

Wrong – Kirlian Camera
Somebody – The Brute : TOAL, People Theatre
Dream On – Roy Jones, Red Beat
Personal Jesus – Polly Scattergood
Clean – Neocoma
Policy of Truth – Rohn Lederman
Never Let Me Down Again – Watershed
Heaven – Zentrum Ost 71
Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town) – Electrogenetic
Breathe – The Brute : Rachel Delgado
Stripped – Starlights Live
In Sympathy – Bon Harris
To Have And To Hold – Page of Quire
My Secret Garden – Cold Connection
Little 15 – Atlantic Popes
The Sun And The Rainfall – Northern Kind
The Sun And The Rainfall – Apsurde, Manoya
I Feel Loved – Daniel Hall, Stephen Newton
A Barrel of A Gun (El Presidente Peron Yeah John) – Carlos Peron
A Question of Time – The Brute :
Enjoy the Silence – Leben
Photographic – Shelter
I Feel You – Tin Gun
Angel – Tom Meeloo
Broken – Redeem
In Your Room – NightNight
Should Be Higher – The Rude Awakening
It’s No Good – Oxic Inc., De La Morte
Ice Machine – Renard (DE), May Ann

Hypersonic Hyperdrive – CosmoMoose
Mirrors – E:Lect
Shed No Tears – Train To Spain
Forever – Ed Raissi
Violence (Teknovore Remix) – Menschdefekt
Wadi Qadisha (Da Clubbmaster & Tom Pulse Tribal Mix) – Tom & Mossee
Island (Remix by Faderhead) – Diorama
Lover (Energy Version) – Lifelong Corporation
8-Bit Warrior – LukHash
In Echoless Space – NeuroAxis
Kangastuksia (feat. TFG (TONTTU)) – Phobos Reactor
Express Yourself – kWASP

Koža – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer