Tx Fused 22.50 (Xtra!)


Misfits – Aldo Rox
Wee Van Bee – Feral Family
Aboriginal Death Song – Dark Sinfonia
Eye to Eye (Eisfabrik Remix) – Monody
Big in Japan (BassRoque Version) – Alphaville
The Existence of It All – Vaylon
Breadcrumbs – The Good Water
Waiting Room – Agent Side Grinder
Neighbor – Sugar Rody
Complete The Shape – Brutalist Architecture in the Sun
Losing My Heart – Francesca e Luigi, Tobias Bernstrup
What You Get – Blutengel
Alive – Neon Nox
Innocence Lost (Decay Mix) – BlakLight
I Lost My Mind – Metronomy X Jessica Winter
Vivid – Villows
We Know How To Play (feat. Steven James) – Carlos Peron
Lose Control – Visioneight
One (Seth Troxler Remix) – Hercules & Love Affair & ANOHNI
Beat Unidad (Remezclado Electrolatino) – klack
Burning Up – Munatix
Until The End of The World – Apoptygma Berzerk
Dimensions (feat. Jodie Poye) – DJnathann
Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix) – The O.T. Quartet
Hey-Hey – RPN
Doop (Sidney Berlin Ragtime Band) – Doop
Dystopian Hymn – thorofon
Miracle (Edgecase Development Mix) – Lorelei Dreaming
Heathen Tastes – Reali-tGlitch
Back To Light (People Theatre’s Sparkle Mix) – XP8
Monotonie (Frozen Plasma Remix) – Tyske Ludder
Cyber Industrial Revolution (Remix) – Binary Division
One By One (feat. The True Union / Brute Opposition Remix) – Komor Kommando
Ruf Der Wölfe – Stahlfunke
Instinct – Unitcode:Machine
Dulce Muerte – Death Signals
Entropy – Sonic Radiation
Hypermania (Mickey Nox Remix) – Blush Response
Warning (Feat. Javi Ssagittar) – Noisuf-X
Weil Ich’s Kann! – Nachtmahr

Contrapunctus 10, a 4 alla Decima – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

**Mixcloud Xtra!**

Too Many – Genevieve Pasquier
Deserve More – Heartbeat Designers
She Is Mine – The Present Moment
Orphan (Cut The Cord Mix) – Sorrow Stories
Sky High – SPC ECO
Down the Rabbit Hole – Jonny Fallout
I Love Korean Girls – Carlos Peron
Looking For Love – Electric Sol
Belial’s Town – Ofelia Ortodoxa
Mescaline Crisis (Epic Club Mix by Wide Dreams) – Object
Vuvuzela – Sound2Sound
Existence – Triode
Døpt I Bensin, Renset Med Ild – Dodsmaskin
Proteus – Konkurs
Pain Had A Face – Chainreaction
Sin – Trial


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