Tx Fused 22.51 – The Nearly Xmas Show


Cool Yule – Louis Armstrong
Stop The Cavalry – Jona Lewie
The Night Before Christmas (Kiffie) – Jamie Jamal
What’s for Christmas (Nightmare Before Mix) – Analogue Electronic Whatever
Winter Wonderland – Obsession of Time
Winter Solstice – Fiat Lux
Faces – Ladytron
The Power of Love – The Rude Awakening
Driven Snow – Retrograth
When Christmas Comes – Eric C. Powell + Andrea Powell
The Winter Palace – Rodney Cromwell
Light of The World (Mark Reeder’s Illuminating Remix) – Birmingham Electric
Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam – Projekt Ich
Up on the Housetop – The Consoultant
Truren – Qntal
Aschev (feat. Dorian E.) – Seadrake
Feuer speit das Ungeheuer (Cyborgdrive Remix) – Merry Chicklit
Kiss (Colyn & Konstantin Sibold Remix) – Editors
Hronophag – Andrew Stevia
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – Christian Desnoyers & One Man Sound
My Gift – Ross Harper
Death Rides a Horse – Arnaud Rebotini
Stigmata – TOAL
Believe – Kanka + Bodewell
Don’t Stay – Comradenathan
Fata Morgana – Ralphie B Frank Waanders
The Future (feat. Shaun Baker) – Tom Pulse Weichei
Birth of a Machine – Termination_800
Offering (feat. Caitlin Stokes & Corlyx / ESA Remix) – VVMPYRE
Thrive – Nature of Wires vs j:dead
The Juggler (Rotersand Remix) – 12 Illusions
Universal Salvation – Chainreactor
Christmas With The Devil – Spinal Tap
Timebomb Zone (Wzx_O Hard Mix) – The Prodigy
Forscorn (Plokta Remix) – Testube
Dungeon Xoth Octoterror – Dav Dralleon
Shape of Love – Data-Bank-A
Atlas – Ybrid
We Try to Fail – Mortal Void
Religious Music For Atheists (feat. Bavs) – Abraxas
Freddy – Ton:fehler

The Answer To The Question – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer


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