Tx Fused 22.52 – The Not Quite NYE Show


Komposituation (Teil 1) – Elektroklänge
Komposituation (Teil 2) – Elektroklänge
Heaven – Ashbury Heights
What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) – Information Society
Calling (Digitalenergy Remix) – The Saint Paul
Closer – Grimdeluxe
A Harbor In Dark Waters – Headdreamer
A Stranger Calls (Evil Mix) – BlakLight
Diamonds – Alienare
Ramershoven Recordings – Melting Rust Opera
Winterly Waves – Qntal
Endless (Subliminal Haze Mix) – 10
Instability: Closer Than You Will Ever Be (Rōnin Club Remix) – UNKLE
Schnitterlied – Escape with Romeo
Space (Ambient Mix) – Benjamin Russell & Rob Stuart
Fascination – Rituel Encens
Dark History – Blutengel
Anymore (U Remix) – Lifelong Corporation
Night of Ecstasy (Flemmng Dalum Remix) – Blu-I Boy
Jaya’s Strut – Beigean
Get Funky (Syntronik Electro Remix) – Syntronik
Shake the World Awake – Spray
Grey Skies (feat. Marian G.) – Dimitri Berzerk
I Turn To You (Timster & Ninth Remix) – Danceteria
The Green Fairy – Mind.Divided
Lost in Music – Pilar Molinero
Strangers – Claustraphobia
Velocity (Faderhead Remix) – Neuroticfish
Phased Out (Remixed by Xenturion Prime) – Seven Trees
Gender Is A Battlefield (feat. Seyton / Laser Pride Edit) – Susurration
Wiederaufbau (Desastroes Remix) – Seelennacht
D.I.M.S. (feat. Manoya) – Laborant
Madman (feat. Terminal / Downfall) – Spankthenun
Xcommunication – Retcon
Release Me – Fractal
Nano (Jan Ehret Remix) – Reakton
Ukraina (Cubic Rave For Freedom) – Iwan Lovynsky & KingSMarine
Svenskt Hat – Strikkland
This Is Fundustrial! – Fundustrial
Space Sign – Stellar Dynamics
The Underground Cult of Decadence – Miseria Ultima
Resurrected – Slichtnacht
Art Imitates War – Angelspit

Smrt za smrt – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Aulde Lang Syne – The Trojans


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