Fused is presented by Myk.XLR who began his musical education by listening to multiple genres on a multi-generational home stereogram, broadened by Radio Luxembourg and others, listened to on a hip, hand-held transistor radio – the equivalent of a wonky SatNav on the road to musical discovery.

One of the stopping points, on a road akin to that of Robert Frost’s poem, one less travelled – was the basement of Brian London’s 007 Club (then on Topping Street, Blackpool) in the late 70s/80s – ostensibly the birthplace of Blackpool’s ‘Alternative Scene’. Also where, for the first time, Myk dropped vinyl on a pair of decks, an act repeated over the years (nigh on 25 of which in London).

Returning to Blackpool he was to revisit the blessed hallows of the 007 (then ‘The Liquid Lounge’, now ‘Bootleg Social’) DJing a packed 007 30th Anniversary Reunion in 2010. Back to square one!

Fused employs a fluid format with regular and occasional segments; ‘On This Day In History’, ‘Seven from The Double-O’, ‘The Sound of The Cloud’, ‘Ménage à Trois’ (the latter two catering to user requests and suggestions). All sourced from the Fused record crates containing an eclectic mix, primarily from the post-punk era of the Double-O and the myriad byways that scene has subsequently meandered, with forays before and after for variety – which include Big Band/Jazz/Blues, Avant-garde & Experimental, Ska/Reggae, Northern Soul, sub-chart/club sounds of the 80s/90s, Industrial/EBM, and their respective sub-genres, to today’s releases of interest from independent and unsigned electronic artists/projects. Though clearly not all in one show.

Do get in touch by whatever means is convenient. Request/suggestions (within the Fused genre universe please) for future shows/segments are welcome, if we have it we’ll play it. Submissions from electronic artists, local or otherwise, are more than welcome.

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